Peels VS Scrubs – The Lowdown

Peels VS Scrubs – The Lowdown

Figuring out the “right” way to exfoliate can be a pain. Everyone has a different opinion on what is the best way. One of the discussions typically goes back and forth between whether peels or scrubs are the ideal way to exfoliate the skin. OROGOLD understands the legitimate annoyances involved in trying to decide on the best way to exfoliate. One product might react poorly to your skin while the other works, but it just feels or smells off when you use it. Exfoliating products have to negotiate a very fine area when it comes down to it as they’re dealing with touch, scent, and sensitivity all at once. Peels and scrubs both have their place in skin care. We’re going to quickly go over how they each benefit your skin and what you can do with this information.

Peels are a form of chemical exfoliation. These products are the older siblings of the cleansers you’re likely used to using at this point. They use combinations of acids and enzymes to help clean the face and dissolve aware layers of dead skin cells. Peels can be surprisingly useful due to the products typically being in gel form. This allows them to sit on the face readily for the required amount of time and work their way through the dead skin in grime. You don’t need to constantly massage them in or worry that you might damage your skin simply by following a product’s instructions. Most peels also carry extra ingredients in the product that utilize the acids or enzymes to reach the skin and provide it with fortifying vitamins and nutrients. The trick is that this often acidic nature can likewise backfire and sensitize the skin for a time after use. It ultimately makes them less than ideal for routine use.

Scrubs are the most common form of physical exfoliation. These products typically use rough materials, natural or synthetic, suspended in a mostly inactive gel to physically abrade dead skin away from the body. Not all the gels used are entirely inactive though and sometimes blur the line between cleansers and scrubs depending on the exact ingredients used. Scrub gels are typically less potent than cleansers and much less potent than peels though. Many common exfoliating products are scrubs. Microbeads used to be a popular ingredient in them, but are being moved away from due to the revelation that synthetic microbeads have a potentially dangerous environmental impact. As a result, there are an increasing number of products utilizing natural materials for the physical part of the scrub. Scrubs generally have less active ingredients in them and can be used with comparative frequency when compared to a peel. Once or twice a week is a decent pattern for the use of a scrub, but a peel is typically once every two weeks or so depending on its ingredients.

Harmonious Coexistence
You don’t need to decide between peels and scrubs. Each one has its place in your skin care routine. The main thing to remember is that you shouldn’t double up on them and think of them as separate categories of product. They are both exfoliating products and, as a result, are subject to the broader rules on exfoliation. Don’t over-exfoliate. On weeks you’re using a peel, you should skip one or more instances of using a scrub depending on how often you typically use your scrub. This will let your skin have time to recover from using a peel and avoid damaging your skin by over-exfoliating. A peel is also best suited for if you’re trying to get pronounced results at a faster speed than the steady pace of a normal cleanser or scrub. The potency of a peel is useful for this, but requires you to be more mindful of your skin’s health when using them.

Skin care is very much an art of give and take. One product can help, but you’ll need to balance out its potential effects with another. This doesn’t always happen, but it is a common event when dealing with exfoliating products. You need to time your use properly and typically remember to moisturize afterwards. OROGOLD doesn’t think this counts against exfoliating products though. It is simply the way of things when it comes to taking proper care of your skin. Hopefully, you have a better idea of that now that we’ve covered the scrub vs. peel debate. Use one or both, but make sure to use them responsibly.

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