Planning a Day Spa Party

Planning a Day Spa Party

Gatherings are generally a fun proposition for everyone. Even the most introverted among us enjoys having time with their friends…it just takes a little extra time management to keep yourself happy. The different parties each speak to a different crowd. Those having a healthy lifestyle might want to consider the current trend towards hosting a day spa party. These are gatherings where you and your friends set aside a day for pampering for all. It provides a way for you all to get away from everything for a little while and enjoy the company instead of being at the spa all by yourself. Everyone wants a spa day to themselves now and again, but doesn’t it seem much more fun to share it with your best friends? There is a little bit of planning involved before you actually host one of these parties though and we’ve got a few tips on how to plan one like a pro.

Research Your Options
The growing trend of day spa parties means that some spas are actually catching on to the trend. You may be able to find a spa that actually offers group packages catered to such parties with a little research. As a general rule, these packages tend to cater to more intimate parties as opposed to larger ones. Be sure to ask how many guests are expected under the given packages the spa might provide. In the absence of a spa catering to this trend, you can still arrange with a normal spa to host such a party. You’ll want to select the few friends you’re intending to bring and select the treatments that you’re all going to enjoy that day ahead of schedule. This allows even a spa without spa party options to schedule you all in effectively enough that you’ll be able to enjoy one just the same.

Few, but Cherished
One of the key things in planning a spa party is selecting your guest list. As we touched on in researching spas, the most frequently available group packages often expect small parties. Most of the time they expect the person booking the sessions and at most two to three more people. You can always talk to the spa about how much they’re willing to accommodate a slightly larger party, but try to keep your guest list short. A day spa party is an ideal way for you and your closest friends to enjoy time together when your otherwise busy lives keep you apart. This busyness is something those looking to host one of these parties need to plan for as well. Send out invitations or ask your friends in advance so they have time to carve out time for the party in their schedules. You can potentially do this before spa research if you’re planning far enough in advance and it can help narrow down your guest list.

Set The Tone
It is up to you where you intend to meet for the day spa party. A meal beforehand or gathering at someone’s home is a good way to help everyone feel happy and connected before the main event of the day. If you host the initial gathering before heading to the day spa, it gives you a chance to help set the overall mood for the day. Relaxing finger food and aromatherapy candles can each help everyone prepare for a day of being pampered. It is a day about you and your chosen few friends though. Feel free to personalize the pre-spa gathering to suit the tastes of you and your friends. Smaller gatherings like this are the perfect time to show one another how well you know one another and how much you each enjoy the company of each other.

Day spa parties aren’t all that much harder to plan than a usual party. There are a few extra considerations, but nothing that most of us can’t handle even with a busy schedule. You simply need to plan ahead of schedule and do a little research to make the day enjoyable for everyone. This extra planning will ensure that you and your close friends will get a day where you all can enjoy an extra slice of what it means to be living a good lifestyle.

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