Pre-Date Exfoliation

Pre-Date Exfoliation

Many of us get nervous before a date. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first date or fourteenth, serious or just fun, or even if its a friend of a stranger. Nerves can get to us all and we end up wanting to look our best. It often means doubting ourselves continually as we try to figure out what will look best for the outing and how we’re going to deal with that one particular part of our appearance that we’re most self-conscious about. Our skin is particularly prone to being a source of our worries. This means you might be considering a little pre-date exfoliation before the outing. Anyone living the healthy life likely has a clear idea of some general rules for long-term exfoliation, but the rules for quickly polishing up your appearance are a little different at the same time they’re familiar. We’ve put together a quick guide on what you can do to exfoliate well before a date without the exfoliation leading to another skin issue.

Be Gentle
One of the biggest things to remember about exfoliating is that you’re removing layers of dead skin whenever you exfoliate. As a result, your skin is sensitized for a little while after exfoliating. Sensitized skin is more prone to reacting to various products. You should skip on exfoliating, but it does mean that you should consider where your date is falling on your exfoliation schedule. This is mainly true for your face. You don’t want to end up over exfoliating and irritating your face just before a date. If you’re feeling the need to exfoliate again despite just exfoliating, then you should look for gentler products than you usually use. This can help prevent your skin from reacting too harshly. You’ll want to pick your product based on this rule for the best results.

Putting Your Best Face Forward
Most of us tend to be the most anxious about our faces as those are far more apparent than any skin issues on our bodies. One of the best ways to follow up on being gentle when exfoliating before a date is to entirely avoid physical exfoliants. These are the ones that tend to be harshest on the skin thanks to the use of salt or sugar crystals depending on the individual product. A good chemical exfoliant utilizing either an alpha hydroxy acid like glycolic acid or an enzyme will give you a comparatively gentle exfoliation before a date when compared to salicylic acid. Enzyme-based exfoliants in particular, have a good record for being gentlest to the skin while still providing exfoliating power. However, if you’re married to your physical scrubs, you might want to consider a trick from Korean beauty routines. A fine rice powder exfoliant can provide a gentle yet effective scrub for your skin in a pinch that shouldn’t be too taxing on your skin.

Smooth To The Touch
By contrast, some of us have good complexions, but skin issues like psoriasis or others cloud the rest of our skin in some way. You’ll want to talk to a dermatologist about the best way to handle some chronic skin issues as some of them react poorly to exfoliation. Those who have a more generalized anxiety about how their skin feels due to recent weather or neglecting to exfoliate their body for a while should probably find a good scrub. A salt or sugar scrub can do wonders for your body whenever you choose to use it. The good thing about exfoliating your body before a date is that you get to enjoy the feeling of your own smooth skin regardless of how your date goes. It’s also much harder to irritate the skin of your body. That said you should still be mindful of how your skin feels when exfoliating your body as you don’t want to accidentally over-exfoliate it either.

Exfoliating before a date offers you a way to be truly certain of your skin’s overall feeling and look. The extra care means you’ll know what to emphasize or cover if your skin isn’t behaving as well as you like recently. Beauty enthusiasts should constantly remain mindful that exfoliating again in a week doesn’t cause their skin issues depending on their individual exfoliating schedules. Those with closer to normal skin types may be able to get away with an extra exfoliation now and again, but anyone with sensitive skin must be truly careful if they intend to exfoliate before a date. Just remember to listen to your skin and ease up if it shows signs of protest.

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