Pre-Serum Skin Prep

Pre-Serum Skin Prep

Good products go a long way to taking proper care of your skin. They offer ways to increase your skin’s natural capabilities while diminishing the impact of any less than favorable traits we inherited from our parents. Quality ingredients in the products further help things along by allowing those in the know to select targeted ingredients to help with their particular skin challenges. However, you can get more out of your products by knowing how to use them appropriately. Many of us learn to care for our skin in a somewhat haphazard fashion as we try out product combinations to see what works for us. Once the initial experimentation is over we need to learn to apply them in proper order though. Serums are particularly useful products that people have a habit of using out of place in a routine, so we’re going to touch on how to properly prepare your face for a serum and when to use it to make sure your serum is doing all you want it to do.

Rinse and Cleanse
The first step in any skin care routine is the morning rinse with water. Try to aim for warm, but not too warm water to help boost the circulation through warmth. A quick splash is all that some people do, but doing this once or twice while gently massaging your face can help wake it up for the day. Increasing circulation is actually an ideal way to start a skin care routine due to the benefits some topical products derive from the circulation. You can skip the massage until you exfoliate though. The main point is to remember to gently massage your face at some point to get this benefit. After you’ve rinsed your face, you should apply a gentle cleanser to further clean away any debris left over from the night. The end result will be properly cleaned skin ready for the rest of your products.


Exfoliate after you’ve rinsed and cleansed. You may be tempted to try and seal moisture in with some serums, but resist this urge. Moisturizers will be doing the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping your face moisturized and most serums are there for improving your skin’s health in other ways. Exfoliation is key because rinsing and cleansing will only get rid of so much of the debris on your skin. Exfoliating helps break down any of the remaining resistance and provide an even cleaner space for you to use your serum on. Taking the time to clear away grime and dead skin will allow the serum easier access to your skin and as a result, you’ll get more of its effects. You should not think that you don’t need to exfoliate before a serum unless it is the day you normally exfoliate. Remember, daily exfoliation seldom does anyone’s skin any favors.

Odds and Ends
There are individual idiosyncrasies when it comes to skin care routines. Some people place steps between rinsing, cleansing, and exfoliation. Toner is a common additional step in this area of a routine as it contributes to overall skin cleanliness. Try to alter your routine so that steps promoting skin cleanliness are the only ones you do before you apply your serum. You want your skin as clean and accessible as possible when applying serums. As serums are a lighter product, it makes it hard for them to penetrate your skin if you’ve already applied a thicker product before them. When in doubt, remember your skin care routine should always follow this general guideline: rinse, clean, and apply products in order of thickness. There will be some exceptions to this guideline, but it can help people newer to proper skin care figure out how to quickly adjust their routine.

Prepping for serum use is largely about simply cleaning your skin like you’re used to doing. You just need to remember that serum should always be the product that you apply first after cleaning your skin. It is too light and thin to be as effective if it has to work through grime or other products. Even if your serum is to help with skin moisturizing, it should go on first as your moisturizer will likely be one of the last things you apply due to those often being the thickest products. Remembering these guidelines will allow you to cultivate your beauty through proper product use.

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