Preparing for the Holidays

Preparing for the Holidays

Since we’re well and truly approaching the holiday season, a lot of us are left wondering what all that is going to bring. We’ll be seeing relatives, of course, and then there’s the expectation to eat more than our fill a few times so that we can show how much we’re enjoying things. Oh, right, and then there are the countless sweets and parties to expect at social gatherings too. It is enough to make your head hurt from the phantom sugar most of us will end up consuming. As a result, some of us tend to be inclined to try to ready ourselves for what is to come by taking care of our bodies in advance. There are a lot of little things you can do to help get your body ready to face the rigors of the holidays and you won’t even have to think about most of them. So let’s go over a simple pre-holiday checklist of things you can do to ensure you make through the holidays feeling okay despite all the celebration.

Start Exercising
If you haven’t picked up an exercise routine yet, then you’re going to want to start as the holidays approach. Remember that it has been suggested that most people gain at least a pound permanently over the holidays. You can work against that and any weight you’re already carrying around by figuring out a form of exercise that works for you. A good option is to take up walking. We don’t just mean a casual stroll every other day though. Walking as a form of exercise means you should strive to take a brisk walk lasting at least 30 minutes three to four times a week. It will help you burn away calories and keep your metabolism up so your body will store less of that holiday food as fat in your body. You can improve on this by taking the stairs when you need to go places too. You don’t necessarily need to walk up forty flights of stairs regularly, but taking the stairs between a single floor or two, providing you’re in good health, can add a simple bit of exercise to your day.

Woman putting on sunscreen
Remember Your Sunscreen
It is important to note that, if you’re wanting to take good care of your appearance, you can’t stop wearing sunscreen just because it is getting cooler. The sun is still a danger to your skin regardless of the temperature outside. You can likely get away with applying less of it to your body if you live in a climate that is cooling though as you’ll be wearing thicker and more covering clothing. Everyone else needs to keep on wearing all the sunscreen that they can. We all need to do our best to remember to keep applying sun protection to our faces regardless of the weather though. Your face will keep getting exposed to the sun even in thicker clothing. The standard rule of thumb always applies: broad spectrum protection of SPF 30. This will help prevent you from getting unexpectedly sun damaged as fall slowly turns to winter.

Clean Up Your Diet
Your largest concern for the holiday is largely centered around what the holiday food will do to you. Complexion issues tend to be a particular worry due to all the sugar involved in most holiday meals. Working against this should start early. Try curbing any sweet tooth habits you have before Thanksgiving as you’ll be dealing with lots of cookies soon enough. Learning to control sweet cravings can also help you figure out the limits you want to set when it comes to indulging over the holidays. Additionally, start figuring out the kinds of portions you want to allow. While the holidays are traditionally at least partly about overindulgence, you can start making a plan and settling into a regular meal size. This will provide you with a guideline to maintain through the holiday. Setting your limits doesn’t mean not enjoying the holidays though. Feel free to go a bit beyond now and again, but maintaining a consistent average will help keep you happy, healthy, and looking your best.

Overall, preparing for the holiday season by making better habits can do a lot for you. It will help you ensure you’re ready to deal with all the goodies over the holidays and have a grasp of your limits. Exercise and a firm grasp on how much you want to eat will also work against your hurting your complexion over the holidays as long as you remember to apply sunscreen. Think of all of it as a pre-holiday exercise in improving your health and protecting your skin.

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