Protect Your Skin From Sunspots

Protect Your Skin From Sunspots

Sunspots are a continual concern for any of us trying our best to protect our skin. The spots are, more often than not, unwelcome and can frequently end up disrupting one’s look if they appear in the wrong place. It makes perfect sense that many of us do or best to specifically avoid them ever being a problem. Unfortunately, we do need to stress than some sunspots are almost inevitable thanks to them happening due to sun exposure. It is quite hard to avoid ever being exposed to the sun. That doesn’t mean you can’t take certain steps to prevent an excess of them from appearing. Most of the time we can also deal with ones that have appeared to minimize their appearance or entirely remove them if they’re on the lighter end. All of this requires knowing what to do. We’ve got a few tips with which you should be able to move towards protecting your skin from the majority of sunspots as well as prevent any you have from getting that much worse.

This is the go-to option for most of us. After all, most people aren’t interested in being stuck inside during the summer. Sunscreen offers a convenient, easily reapplied way of protecting our skin. The only real downside is that it does typically need to be reapplied every two or so hours to maintain the best levels of protection. Selecting a good sunscreen is simple too as there are easily followed guidelines for making the best choice. The first thing you need to do is make sure you’re getting a broad spectrum sunscreen. These are the default now thanks to proper regulations, but there are still some out there that don’t offer this. Broad spectrum means they’ll protect you from both UVA and UVB rays. Start your selections of SPF level at 30. That’s the minimum rating for proper protection. Higher numbers can help, but there are diminishing returns after SPF 50 or so. Lastly, try to find a mineral sunscreen. These utilize zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to reflect UV rays rather than absorb them like standard sunscreens. Reflecting it is preferred. Keeping all of this in mind will give you skin excellent protection from exposure and therefore sunspots.

Treated Clothing
You can protect your skin even better by covering it up with the right clothing too. This has nothing to do with anyone’s idea of modesty and everything to do with putting another layer between your skin and UV rays. Basic clothing can provide a small bit of protection, but the protection is comparatively negligible. All of us should look into finding specially treated clothing that is created with sun protection in mind. These fabrics tend to have a relatively tight weave combined with chemical treatment. The treatment, in many ways, functions as a sort of integrated SPF for the clothing, but it is worth nothing the acronym for it is different than the SPF of sunscreen. Clothing like this is the best for providing a genuine extra layer of protection between your skin and the sun. When combined with wearing a mineral sunscreen, it can provide you with a very effective way to minimize the effects of sun exposure and lower the chances of sunspot formation.

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Stay In The Shade
The most direct option any of us have for avoiding sun exposure is to simply not be out in the sun. Try to favor the shade when you have to be outside for a cookout or similar activity, but otherwise just stay inside and out of the sun if you truly want to avoid sunspots. Admittedly, this isn’t a foolproof option. Windows let in sunlight and the accompanying UV rays quite well. This especially works against you if you have an office or similar room you spend a lot of time in with a lot of windows. No one wants to sit in the dark though and few things are quite as uplifting to the spirit as natural lighting. The trick to navigating this difficult situation is not to sit directly by a window. Admittedly, you should still be wearing sunscreen anyway for when you need to step outside. If you’re already wearing it, then you can enjoy windows all you want. Just remember that windows offer very little protection, if any, on their own. Window treatments can help, but the best defense against sunspots is literally avoiding sun exposure.

The best defense against sunspots is typically not the way anyone wants to go through life. It is typically best to stick with a combination of sunscreen, treated clothing, and avoiding long-term exposure to the sun. These steps should help to minimize the chance of experiencing sunspots. Completely avoiding them is all but impossible, but making the effort to minimize them should at least reduce chances of them being a pain and ensure they are easily treated if you want them gone.

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