Reduce Breakouts After Waxing

Reduce Breakouts After Waxing

Trying to look our best is an often painful process. We only have so much time and trying to fit everything we need to do into one routine can easily become a nightmare. Sure, it isn’t physical pain, but having to skip one of the products you need to keep your skin healthy because you’re run out of time is its own special kind of pain. There’s also the literal pain of waxing. Those living a healthy lifestyle have likely tried this at least once. It always seems so promising. You’re guaranteed a burst of pain at the start followed by a few weeks of not needing to bother with shaving. It can be worth it to save a little time and effort. The problem comes in for some of us in the time after the actual waxing session. Breakouts can become more common and make the waxed area painful to deal with. There are a few tricks to helping reduce this that we’d like to pass along though.

Make It A Relaxing Day
Most of us wax to both look good and save time. As a result, it may seem a little counter-intuitive to set aside the entire day of your waxing session for relaxation. You should definitely consider this though. Every day as you move through the world, your skin pick up grime that gets caught in its natural oils. This, in turn, can help contribute to the clogging of pores and cause breakouts. Waxed areas are particularly sensitive in the day after waxing and the pores are easily clogged. Don’t do anything physically strenuous that will cause you to sweat as that will mean your skin ends up potentially trapping more oils. Additionally, try to avoid wearing clothing that hugs the area you’ve waxed as well. Such clothing tends to trap grime effectively and will grind it against the skin. This just makes the problem worse.

Cleanse Like You Mean It
As with fighting breakouts normally, cleansing is a key piece of the puzzle. Think about what waxing entails. You’re applying a sticky substance to your skin to quickly remove hair. It is effective, painful, and leaves a residue. You would do well to remember that your skin is sensitized after being waxed. The residue, in particular, is something of a danger. It can easily stick around on the skin and in pores. This creates the kind of environment that encourages the formation of acne. Ideally, you should cleanse as soon after the waxing appointment as possible. A cleanser with antibacterial properties is particularly ideal in this case as it can provide two-pronged protection against breakouts. Take a shower while using this cleanser as well to ensure all the grime is washed away down the drain. Sitting in a bathtub will only make it more likely your skin will have a breakout.

Carefully Exfoliate
The final step you should take should be to take the time to exfoliate after waxing. Don’t do it too soon though or you’ll irritate the sensitized skin. Ideally, you should try to exfoliate a day or two after the waxing session. The exfoliation is to help ease the growth of any smaller hairs that might otherwise come back ingrown. Waxing helps get rid of the larger, darker hairs, but every human has a light coverage of thin, fine light hairs. Since all hairs are on growth cycles, these can be coming back in while you’re enjoying visually clean legs. The ingrown hairs can lead to breakouts in addition to being potentially painful if you don’t take the time to properly exfoliate after waxing. Try to find a gentle exfoliant to ensure you’re as kind to your skin as possible.

These tips for helping to minimize breakouts after waxing should be familiar to anyone trying to avoid breakouts at any time. The urgency of the particular tips is changed depending on the locations of the body though. Remember that facial and body skin have varying levels of sensitivity. As a result, your body can actually handle a bit more punishment. This is what allows you to delay exfoliating after waxing a couple of days. Don’t forget these tips and you should be able to enjoy smooth, clear skin even after a particularly long waxing session.

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