Removing Bad Spray Tans

Removing Bad Spray Tans

Spray tans have come a long way since they first entered the beauty world. Where they used to be laughable and obviously fake, many techniques and products have gotten a clear grasp on the process that allows for healthy, natural-looking results. That’s a good thing too. After all, we’ve figured out over that same amount of time that tanning in the sun or UV bed can do a disastrous amount of long-term damage to our skin. More and more of us turn to sunless tanning options like spray tans to keep getting the look though. There is no denying that a good tan just looks healthy. All the improvements to techniques and products haven’t taken away that fact that mistakes are made sometimes and the end result is a bad spray tan. All we want to do then is try to remove it as fast as possible. We’ve got a few tips on how to go about that particular task.

When In Doubt…
Ask a professional. It may seem like a less than perfect idea to ask someone else who does spray tans for help, but those skilled at providing them can help even out any major problems and touch up a bad look. They know the compounds involved, how to break them down, and good ways to balance out any lingering coloring issues that might exist. It makes perfect sense to try to get one of them to help you fix a problem someone else caused. Admittedly, we do want to stress that sometimes mistakes happen that make a spray tan come out badly. There is no reason to necessarily lay all the blame on the person who gave you the bad one. Just be aware the next time you go see them and notice if there is a pattern. Everyone can learn or have a bad day. The trick is finding out if the problem is consistent. If you get a particularly bad spray tan, try to find a place of equal or better quality to help you fix any pronounced problems if you’re bound to a schedule. Anyone who isn’t bound by a schedule can typically take care of problems at home.

Woman soaking in a bath

Draw a warm bath and soak in it. Spray tans are typically at least partly clinging to the surface of your skin and as a result, can be relatively easily removed if they were applied badly. The trick is simply soaking long enough in a bath. It should gradually help release lighter areas of color without a fuss. You can lightly scrub darker areas with a washcloth to help speed up the process a little too. This takes time. Soaking tends to have the best results for at-home spray tans as they don’t set as deeply as a professionally done one and as a result, can end up being more prone to issues if you’re not careful about applying them. It can work for some professionally done ones by helping to speed up the overall fading of the spray tan. Professional ones need to be touched up every one to two weeks to maintain the look. Soaking can help cut down on that time even if it won’t eliminate it entirely. Remember that the compounds are clinging to your skin. Admittedly, that does give you one avenue for helping further accelerate how fast the spray tan goes away.

Regular exfoliation helps to remove the outermost layers of dead skin from the body. These layers are naturally shed at a fairly reliable rate, but encouraging the shedding can help fade unwanted color both in and on the skin. A good scrub could be just the extra boost your skin needs after soaking to help remove further spray tan. Remember that you’re going to need to be gentle with this process as too harsh of a scrub can end up damaging your skin instead. Using a gentle one all over while soaking or afterward will take advantage of the more pliable skin and potentially allow for you to remove more of the spray tan than it otherwise would. We strongly encourage remembering to moisturize afterward if you take this approach. Your skin will likely be a bit sensitive in the immediate aftermath. Additionally, don’t exfoliate more regularly than you normally would or else you may overtax your skin. Spray tan can be removed, but it does take a little patience to remove it at home.

Spray tans are a good way to help get the healthy look that you want without subjecting your skin to sun exposure. Such tanning doesn’t always go as well as planned though. This can result in odd highlighting and bunching of colors if we’re unlucky. You can get rid of the spray tan by having a professional help you or taking a few steps of your own at home. Regardless of which you decide, just try to remember that a bad spray tan isn’t the worst thing in the world. It is, at most, a passing annoyance.

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