Scrubbing Your Way to Smooth Feet

Scrubbing Your Way to Smooth Feet

A lot of us like to walk around barefoot to one degree or another. After all, what good is your carpet if you can’t enjoy the feeling of it beneath your feet? Embracing being barefoot every now and then tends to be freeing and can be an enjoyable feeling. It also has the unfortunate aspect of showing us the state our feet are in at that point. Many people caution against going barefoot and blame it for issues such as calluses and believe avoiding it will keep their feet soft. This isn’t actually true. Friction against your feet is what causes calluses and you get that whether you’re wearing shoes and socks or walking around barefoot. Keep your feet soft and smooth takes work just like every other part of skincare. It isn’t that difficult of a task though. All it really involves is knowing how to properly scrub your feet to ensure the skin doesn’t build up in excess.

Pumice Stone
This is the traditional solution for many of us. Pumice stones are simple chunks of rough, porous stones that can easily exfoliate the skin of our feet. Their most common form is an actual stone, but there have been some innovations on this old favorite in recent years. Devices with attached stones are available that rub your foot for you with the stone at varying speeds. It allows a little less effort with a little more attention to the exact details of the care than you might otherwise get from a basic pumice stone. The catch is that these mechanized versions can wear themselves out faster, require batteries, and you’ll need to replace the entire unit sooner than you’ll likely need to replace a more traditional pumice stones. Regardless of the kind you use, it is worth noting that you need to be mindful of your skin when using a pumice stones as the roughness does mean you can accidentally rub an area of your skin raw if you’re too enthusiastic.

We’ve all used a scrub at one point or another. There are ones intended for our faces that utilize things like sugar to exfoliate the skin, but the body tends to need more robust exfoliating ingredients. Salt is a popular option for body scrubs thanks to their many rough sides that work well for wearing down tougher area of skin. They make a good option for your feet for this very reason. A good scrub is typically the best option if you don’t need the deep scrubbing a pumice stone offers but still need to smooth out rougher than average skin. Finding a good scrub for your feet isn’t that difficult either. A basic body scrub will do, yes, but there are specially formulated foot scrubs meant to tackle the challenges presented by keeping the skin of the feet smooth. Look for one of these the next time you’re in a skincare store and you may be surprised to find various options. Try to find a hydrating option for an extra dose of soothing and smoothing ingredients.

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Foot Masks/Soaks
While not necessarily a method of “scrubbing” in the traditional sense, finding a good foot exfoliating product still does the same job by using a chemical cocktail instead of mechanical motion. These products tend to be well-suited for those of us who’ve been particularly negligent towards our feet or that have particular genetic conditions that can lead to an easy formation of calluses. Think of these as being the chemical peels of the foot world. These products involve either applying or wearing the compound for a set amount of time while allowing them to wear down the hardened skin of the feet. Most of these are used on the soles of the feet for this very reason. These products are known for working quickly and tend to soften feet within a few uses. There are less potent versions of the product that can do a similar job to scrubs though and don’t run the risk of harming the feet. Staying alert to the instructions on this kind of product will help you get the best results without any real worries.

Keeping your feet smooth helps to ensure there are no confidence issues when it comes time to take off your shoes. These methods of scrubbing are all effective even if they are best suited for different situations. Making the most of things by keeping your feet smooth like the rest of your skin should also go a long way towards ensuring your feet look their best for years to come.

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