Self Facial Massage

Self Facial Massage

A good day at the spa typically includes at least one massage. If you’re feeling particularly indulgent, you can get a facial that may or may not include a massage along the way to help everything be just that more relaxing. Going to a spa routinely is a bit taxing on the limited time you may have to set aside for relaxing days out. One of the things we’ve touched on before is how you can cultivate a spa-like experience in your own home through the clever use of aromatherapy and other techniques to relax yourself. The ability to give yourself a standard facial with a mask is a fairly common talent as well. You can go one better than both of those though and learn how to give yourself a self-facial massage. This can provide just that extra bit of luxury in your schedule when you feel your face is feeling a just a bit too tense and you’re worried about what it might do to your appearance. Fortunately, you may already know one of the motions involved.

Start Around Your Neck
Apply your choice of facial products, like relaxing oils or products meant to be massaged in, and start massaging the sides of your neck under your ears and along your throat in wide, circling motions. You’re trying to relax muscles through the area as well as stimulate blood flow to help when you move farther up onto your full face. This lays the groundwork that will help the next steps work easier for you. If you’re used to massaging in products in short, tight circles, you should have a clearer idea of how this massage technique goes. Your circles will be wider, yes, but you should still favor careful circles with the weight being on the upward sweep. Don’t press too hard so that you avoid causing more tension than you’re relieving.

Gentle Circles
The core of any facial massage starts when you move beyond your neck and begin to reach your face proper. Your mouth, cheeks, and eyes are the primary targets for this part of the massage. You’ll be coming from your neck and as a result, you’ll need to tighten the circles when you start to work around your mouth. Focus at the corners as this is where muscles tend to have the largest effect on your skin. Once you’ve done that for a little while, then move on to your cheeks. Circle your cheeks like you were doing on your neck. This should follow the contour of your face, but don’t press down so hard that you can feel the bones. A firm, but gentle press is enough. Never forget that you must always focus the heavier amount of pressure when moving up the face. This avoids contributing to sagging. After your cheeks, return to the tighter circles for your eyes. It is important to remember that this section has more in common with your cheeks. You’re not actually massaging the eye area itself, but instead the eye contour area. Gently follow this until you feel you’ve done it enough.

Finishing Touches
The last places you’ll typically concern yourself with are your temples and your forehead itself. Massaging your temples continues to utilize the familiar tight circles. Be especially careful about not pressing too hard near your temples to avoid unwanted pain. These circles will be fairly tight. Things change when you get to your forehead. Massaging the forehead primarily deals with how the skin folds over time in most cases. It involves a combination of horizontal and vertical stretching to help smooth the skin at the same time it provides a relaxing touch. You should mix and match the vertical stretching such that you’re rarely pulling the same way at once. Ideally, you should never be tugging down on both sides at any point, but you can easily lose track of things. Also, carefully pulling horizontally outwards from the center of your forehead will add a little extra smoothness to the skin by helping even out the other forehead massage.

A self-facial massage only goes on as long as you desire. You should do each part of the massage for at least a few seconds each and potentially revisit them in a sequence for added benefits. The most important thing is to remember that they can do this. Years of learning to appropriately massage in products has ensured most of us know appropriate facial massage techniques even if we’ve never used them for an actual massage. Now’s the time to put all that practice to good use and see just how pleasant you can make the downtime in your day.

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