Serum or Cream

Serum or Cream

Trying to pick out the product you should use from the dizzying variety available in skin care can be problematic to say the least. One friend swears by this one set of products and another thinks that the previous friend has no idea what they are talking about. All you really want is a clear set of information to work with that will let you make an educated decision. Serums or creams is a somewhat common division in skin care that is typically driven by the needs of a given person’s skin. The truth is that each product has benefits for the skin, but you need to have the full picture for why some people favor one product over another to know what kind of decision to make. We’ll be highlighting the potentials of each and others to ensure you have the clearest picture possible for this decision.

The key thing to remember about serums is that they are both highly potent and extremely lightweight when it comes to product thickness. Most serums are, at best, a lightweight gel that spreads easily. You typically don’t get much per bottle and also don’t need to use as much due to potency. This is why being able to spread serums readily is so important. The focus of serums is to provide as much benefit for your skin as possible in as little product as possible to ensure that your skin receives benefits quickly. Their lightweight nature actually makes them a very good option for people with oily skin who can’t used heavier cream products without risking a breakout. This is especially true due to many serums using a water base instead of an oil one. The right serum can help keep oily skin healthy without causing any further troubles.

Cream are the thicker products that many likely learned to use fairly early in their skin care journeys. A good cream can provide a lot of benefits, but one of the biggest benefits is that they offer a great deal of moisturizing potential. Most creams include extra benefits and you’re encouraged to tailor your selection in creams to match the particular skin care needs of your skin. Anti-aging eye creams are particularly popular. Their soak in nature helps counter the harsher effects of products like retinols, but creams aren’t as potent as serums. The active ingredients are mixed in with all the other compounds necessary to make a cream a cream and it spreads out the effectiveness. For people with dry skin, this loss of effectiveness is countered by the added moisturizing benefits, but it also doesn’t mean creams can replace serums.

Ideally, you should be able to use both serums and creams in your skin care routine. You should pick when you’re using them based on your schedule and skin’s needs though. Serums should be used at whatever time of day you’re most effectively cleaning your skin as they need to be able to get as close to your skin as possible to soak in effectively. You can follow after them with lotions, creams, and other products to continue to support your skin’s health. Creams and serums both have their place for people with oily and dry skin. You just need to be more careful about their use than people with closer to average skin types. Learning how to properly combine the potency of serums with the moisturizing and extra utility benefits of creams will help you make your skin healthier than ever.

Skin care and beauty don’t need to be composed of artificial divisions over what type of product is “better” when each kind serves a purpose. The trick is learning the purpose of products and making sure that you use them properly. Properly used products will be effective for whoever uses them instead of appearing to be ineffective or, at worst, damaging. You should try experimenting with both serums and creams if you aren’t already. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you can do for your skin that way.


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  1. 9
    Cynthia Sizemore

    Being 42 and just starting to worry about anti aging products,this blog post was very helpful!Thank you for taking the time to fully explain the differences.

  2. 15
    Joanna Dawn Smith

    This was very useful information. I really take pride in my skin care routine and this past year have been religiously using both serum and moisturizing creams on my skin.

  3. 22
    Lindsey Kish

    I would love to try both serums and creams from this line!! It’s such a luxurious product, but I loved reading about both. I would probably take a serum over a cream, but me being me I want both lol. Can’t wait to try this line I’m such a big fan and I haven’t even tried yet! Great read 😉

  4. 34
    Jennifer H.

    I think that it’s great that a good cream can provide a lot of benefits, but one of the biggest benefits is that they offer a great deal of moisturizing potential.

  5. 37
    Knicket Fountain

    I didn’t realize that choosing creams over serums could potentially make my combination skin oilier…seems that serums may be the better option for me! I still love my creams, so I may go with using both & opt for a lighter cream. I use a tretinoin on my skin that REALLY dries it out, so I have to have a product that moisturizes really well without being too heavy. Oh, what a dilemma 😀

  6. 43
    Gina N.

    I use both serums and creams mostly prior to bedtime. For me, that is when I find it to be most effective. Serums seem to be more expensive, but after reading your informative post, I now understand why.

  7. 55

    I would so love to win one of your truly amazing sounding products! I am 59 and do not have great skin. I have been trying lots of things but just give up in the end. I know I will win one of these times and hopefully your products will be the key to success:)

  8. 58
    Ava Micheo

    I actually do know about the difference between serums and creams, lol, and use them in the correct order. Thank you for the contest. I would love to try your products!

  9. 61
    Jamie Johnson

    Thank you so much for that informative article. So many new products are being developed in the beauty industry, you almost need to be a scientist to keep up. Your article plainly and effectively helped me understand the differences between serums and creams. I didn’t think I was able to use a serum because I have sensitive, combination skin. According to this article, it’s all about how much of the product you use and the order in which you use products. Orogold goes above and beyond to create the BEST products in the entire beauty industry. I have wanted to try Orogold since I first borrowed my friend’s Orogold Mask. My skin had never felt softer! I can only imagine the benefits of what both an amazing serum and extraordinary cream from Orogold could do for my skin! Hopefully, I will find out soon enough. Thank you so much for this information. It’s nice to see that a company as renowned as Orogold understands that people may not always understand the beauty products they think they need just because they are the newest, latest, and greatest thing out there. With Orogold, the science confirms everything, and that is proof enough for me!

  10. 62
    Debra S

    I did not need anything other than acne fighting things until I was… oh almost 40. My skin was that oily! Now, I’m in my early 60’s and oh boy, NO more acne… my skin is awesome now. I’m sad it was not like this all my life. I need to moisturize now. I’m fanatic bout it… I love to try new things. I would love to try these products

  11. 85
    Annmarie W.

    Thanks for this post! I prefer creams to serums…I always feel like they moisturize my face better, while serums tend to dry my skin more. But I guess using both is the way to go!

  12. 92

    I was always wondering about cream vs serum, that you for this article. I tend to like serums more because they seem much more concentrated and my mature skin absorbs a serum a lot faster than a cream.

  13. 96

    Thanks for explaining the difference between Cream and Serum, I think the serum is more deeply into the skin. I prefer in the case of facial skin.

  14. 103
    Connie McCullough

    My skin is mostly dry, though I get oily spots in the t-zone. I just started using a new cleanser and moisturizer from Vine Vera; I haven’t been using it long enough to know if I’m pleased or not. I’m always interested in trying new products and finding the things that work best for my skin!

  15. 104

    I’ve always wanted to try this brand especially the masks, this serum and creams. I’ve read so many positive reviews from women who’ve literally transformed their skin in just a few months of continuous use of this company’s products. I’ve never had the money to afford these products without ever trying them first. I have a drawer full of expensive brands I’ve used once and then were thrown ion my no good drawer. I’d love the chance to try this serum, review it and hopefully inspire other women to try it as well. Good luck to all.

  16. 106

    I am 48 years old and have let myself go downhill, I look in the mirror and cry, I would love to try this and seems it helps the years of unfortunate events that show on my face.

  17. 107
    tricia d

    These products look amazing and seem to be beneficial to all types of skin. I am currently using Orogold complex cream and my face just glows like never before.

  18. 115
    Linnaea Carter

    I stopped in your shop while vacationing in Key West April 16. My husband and I both received a sample of your eye serum and we could not believe the transformation that happened within just a few seconds. Being in our 50’s we are always looking for products to help our skin stay healthy. Daniel explained each product and showed how they work in comparison to other creams on the market. We need to get this product as it enriches our lives to look and young as we feel. We Love OROGOLD…

  19. 116

    Was feeling guilty about spending so much on these products when my daughter said to me, ” you get what you pay for.” They really are of the highest quality. I am turning 60 and from now on will take good care of my skin!

  20. 128
    Sana HS

    Thank you for the great article, I didn’t really knew the difference before reading it.
    I usually use creams but I’d love to start using serums 🙂

  21. 138

    I really like the Orogold products! I was introduced to them at their Kensington branch in London, and have been using tgem for a week – to great effect!!

  22. 140
    Cynthia Knisely

    I like using a serum and cream. The serum is potent and concentrated so you only use a small amount. I like to follow the serum with a cream for double strength.

  23. 143
    Dana L

    I used to always use creams. Then I added a serum to my routine and as in this post yes I was pleasantly surprised that using creams and serums daily in my skincare routine helped my skin tremendously! So now I use both and am very satisfied with the difference in my skin. But for the last two two years I have been using the Orogold 24k Daily Essential kit and never would give those three products up! But have not tried any of the Orogold serums yet. But definitely would love to:) also my mother is also hooked on your 24 k daily essential kit! Her favorite is the night cream:)

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