Shield Your Skin From The Sun To Slow The Signs of Aging

Shield Your Skin From The Sun To Slow The Signs of Aging

There are plenty of signs of aging. They creep in as we grow older with each year seeming to bring in just a bit more until it becomes difficult to see who we were sometimes. Many of us turn to skincare for this very reason. We want to minimize the problem and continue to fully recognize ourselves for as long as possible. Good skincare can give us just that. Anti-aging products helps to reduce the impact of some changes to the skin as we age while nourishing products support our skin repairing itself and staying up to the task of protecting the rest of the body. Some ingredients and products tend to stand out in anti-aging skincare. Retinol, a derivative of vitamin A, is particularly good for helping keep the skin healthy and bright, but sunscreen is ultimately one of the best options available to us. It actively shields the skin from the sun and reduces the potential severity of signs of aging. So let’s take a closer look at why it is so valuable.

Harsh Rays
Most of us get to experience the joy that is sunburn at a few points in our lives. We forget to put on sunscreen or it wears off. That red and tender to the touch area of skin is what most of us think about when people are talking about how sun damages the skin. Sunburn represents only half of the threat though. The sun’s rays include UVA and UVB rays. UVB rays are the ones that are most responsible for the surface burning was associate with sun exposure. Those UVA rays aren’t skipping out on the “fun” while the UVB rays work though. UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin and damage the layers beneath the surface. Sunburn can last so long after your receive it for this very reason. It isn’t the only threat that UVA rays represent either. They also introduce free radicals deep into the skin that then proceed to drift throughout it causing continual damage to collagen, an important structural protein, and other components of your skin.

A Waste of Effort
Free radicals are the big threat to the overall health of your skin. They work against all your efforts by undermining your skin’s very ability to repair itself. After all, it is hard to get any work done if the list of things that need repairing keeps growing. Photoaging from sun exposure is the breakdown of your skin’s repair mechanisms because they stop being able to keep up with the amount of damage your skin is taking each day. The fine lines that appear that turn into wrinkles tend to be focused around the areas where the skin folds the most for a reason. That’s where they’d appear naturally. Making your skin unable to keep up and repair the damage from wear and tear is what causes the damage to appear sooner. Additionally, the deeply penetrating UVA rays have a chance to damage the cells in your skin in such a way that they begin to overproduce melanin. This leads to sun spots and other kinds of hyperpigmentation. As good as the sun can be to us, it can be equally frustrating when trying to keep our skin healthy.

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Shielding Your Skin
Despite all this potential danger, it remains relatively easy to shield your skin. You really just need to remember to wear sunscreen daily. We do need to clarify that this doesn’t mean just when you’ll be outside for any length of time. It means every day regardless of how long you expect to be outside. You are getting exposed to UV rays when sitting behind a building’s or a car’s windows as assuredly as if you were standing outside. Tinting, in both cases, can reduce the impact of UV rays, but it can’t eliminate it. Finding the right sunscreen doesn’t take much effort either. You can even use a moisturizer with SPF if you want, but you need that protection from the sun. We strongly recommend looking for a sunscreen that offers broad spectrum protection that includes zinc oxide in its active ingredients. This is a physical blocker that will reflect the sun’s rays away from your skin instead of absorbing them. Furthermore, we recommend that the SPF of any product your use be at least 30 to ensure you’re giving yourself adequate protection. Remembering these guidelines will help ensure your skin is properly defended.

Shielding your skin from the sun is one of the key ways you can make an active effort to minimize the signs of aging. Wearing sunscreen each day will help ensure you age that much more gracefully and are able to feel confident in your appearance. It doesn’t take much effort and the ability to use a moisturizer with SPF makes it even simpler. Plenty of other products including SPF are coming into existence each year too. It has never been simpler to protect your skin and it is about time we all started acting like it.

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