Should You Repeat Your PM Cleansing Routine?

Should You Repeat Your PM Cleansing Routine?

Thoroughness is often the friend of skincare. After all, making sure to properly care for all of your skin is the key to aging gracefully no matter your skin type. Trying to do this does tend to lead to a lot of conflicting information and questions though. Everyone has an opinion on how best to care for one’s skin. Not all of these are as well-informed as we’d like either. It is one of the hazards of getting involved in the skincare and beauty community. Most of us learn to apply a skeptical eye to any bit of information we get and start to test any new tricks in simple ways to make sure they don’t hurt our skin. We don’t always want to go through that and oftentimes would just like to skip to the point where we know. Simple advice like repeating an evening cleansing routine shouldn’t be something we have to be automatically cautious about. With that in mind, we’re going to focus on that last bit of advice and take a quick look at the potential benefits and drawbacks to repeatedly cleansing in the evening.

Benefiting Your Skin
An evening routine is one of those skincare choices we all make based on what suits us the best. They’re typically the best for helping ensure your skin stays clean if you’re fond of using makeup, and providing the most anti-aging benefits between an AM and a PM routine. The last part is due to the fact retinol products are best used at night to get the most benefits. Regardless, it is the washing and cleansing that tends to help keep your skin cleaner. There’s nothing inherently wrong with repeating your evening cleansing routine. Most of the time, if you’re using a gentle enough cleanser, your skin will simply benefit. It is kind of like double cleansing only without the shift in chosen cleanser between each cleansing. You’ll clear away most of the things that built up on your skin during the day and leave a clean working area for any nourishing or anti-aging products to work with that will enhance their effectiveness. This is a net positive. There are other considerations though.

The unfortunate truth is that even the gentlest cleansers tend to have a habit of drying the skin out some. This is a known problem and particularly true of any that utilize alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic or citric acid. The same is true if they utilize salicylic acid. All this potential for drying out your skin is a problem that can typically be countered by a good moisturizer normally, but doubling up on washing and cleansing can end up pushing past what your moisturizer can help counter. This is especially true if you’re utilizing anti-aging products that include retinol in the evenings. Retinol and retinoids both dry out the skin through their usage at the same time that they support greater skin health. This isn’t an ideal situation. Additionally, washing and cleansing twice can be hard on sensitive skin and lead to inflammation. We can’t call doubling up on it an unequivocal good for this reason. It requires a more thoughtful approach.

Who Can Benefit
You can make use of a double wash and cleanse in the evenings if you’re willing to think before you use it. People with sensitive skin need to avoid it due to the potential amount of strain it can put on their skin through product usage and physical abrasion. This same is true of people who have dry-leaning to dry skin. These categories frequently overlap and as a result, most people will be aware of whether they have either or both of those skin types. People with average, combination, or oily skin have a bit more flexibility in their choice. This sort of pattern can be particularly beneficial to anyone with oily skin as it provides great oil control and helps to counteract some of the more pronounced problems oily skin can cause. Combination skin is a bit iffier given some patches may be dry while others might be oily and that requires you being careful with this sort of technique. Anyone with average skin should be mindful when trying out this technique, but they don’t have any special considerations compared to other skin types.

Trying to figure out the best way to take care of your skin may be confusing sometimes, but a lot of the core debates of “this” rather than “that” tend to have a murkier solution than anyone really wants to admit. Doubling up on your washing and cleansing in the evening can help you if you have some skin types, but it is a bad idea for others. There’s no denying how clean you’ll be able to get your skin though. The trick is figuring out if this technique fits into your skin’s personal health balance or if you need to find another way to ensure you have clean, healthy skin.

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