Skin Effects From Prescription Drugs

Skin Effects From Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are what keep a lot of us healthy. This includes both physically and mentally. Medical researchers continually strive to find better ways with which to keep us healthy and correct the problems that can sometimes happen within our body. Physical diseases tend to be what we most associate prescription drugs with though. Whether you’ve got a cold or a frustratingly difficult rash, a prescription drug can help make things start going your way. Many people have mixed feelings about prescription drugs and like to call out the side effects as a clear sign that the drugs aren’t actually doing us any good or are a form of poison. This entirely ignores the fact that the unrefined natural components many drugs are derived from have side effects too. Some of these side effects can be a bit more pronounced than others though. Reactions that appear on our skin tend to be particularly visible. With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at some of the more common effects.

Flare Ups
It isn’t uncommon for chronic skin conditions to become aggravated by certain prescription drugs. Rosacea and eczema in particular tend to be the two that most often get triggered. These flare ups are generally harmless beyond the actual discomfort of dealing with the conditions being triggered. Fortunately, they are relatively easy to counteract with appropriate care. Any drug causing this sort of reaction is something to talk to your doctor about. The last thing you want is to need to take one drug and have a chronic side effect that is that bothersome. Discussion with your doctor can generally help you find another drug to try that will hopefully avoid the side effects while still giving you the positive result. In the event you have no other drug choices, your doctor should be able to help you figure out a way to control the flare ups to minimize their severity. This is simply the unfortunate nature of having such a vague and temperamental skin condition.

This is another fairly generic kind of reaction. Simply put, a rash is generally a relatively benign allergic reaction to a drug. Rashes can end up spreading quickly in such a case though and the potential impact on our appearance tends to make them highly unwelcome. A rash can be triggered for other reasons as well, but often it only takes a dose to find out if there will be a reaction like this. Rashes are a comparatively simple form of skin irritation that is generally easy to contain. All it requires in making sure to use the right over-the-counter options to help soothe the skin and let it sort itself out. Anti-itch creams and moisturizers tend to be the best options here as they address the primary manifestations of a rash. However, we need to stress that rashes, just like flare ups, are a sign to talk to your doctor as soon as possible about changing out the drug you’re using for one that doesn’t result in an uncomfortable side effect. Easing the irritation sooner rather than later will also cut down on potential long term damage to the skin.

Shifting Skin Type
It isn’t uncommon for one potential side effect being to change how your skin behaves. Dry skin might shift closer to oily or dry out even more while average skins shifts more towards an extreme. Most of the time these changes are temporary and associated with the biological shifts caused by the drugs. You can expect your skin to return to normal after discontinuing the drug. There are rare instances where a drug can cause a potent enough reaction to permanently shift of the skin behaves though. This requires re-evaluating your skin and shifting your routine to match the new normal. The good news is that the more temporary shifts are easily countered through standard skincare. Yes, you’ll need to figure out the issues you’ll be experiencing while taking the drug, but after learning that you can move on to a relatively normal routine unless the shift is severe enough to cause notable discomfort.

Potential side effects are always a worry for many of us, but they really shouldn’t be as much of a concern as they are. Side effects are a possible issue without being a guarantee. Even common side effects require you to pass the bar of statistically uncommon before you’ll likely experience them. The next time you’re looking at a drug and worrying about possible side effect you might want to take a moment and remind yourself of that. You’ll likely be far more able to enjoy the positive results of the drug then.

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