Skin Tightening Masks

Skin Tightening Masks

Time and various scenarios each take their toll on our skin. Sometimes the problem is discolorations from the sun and others its dryness from the climate. We can treat each of these issues with relative ease providing we follow good skin care advice. The trouble we take to take care of our skin can start to mount though. Time, pregnancy, and even illness can rob us of some of the facial definition we used to enjoy prior to whatever caused the issue. Some of us are perfectly comfortable with our changing looks, but many of us also want to preserve what we can. There are surgical methods for correcting any issue, but there are a number of non-surgical options as well. Skin tightening masks are one approach to helping maintain our looks when our skin has gotten a bit looser due to changes in our bodies. They’re quick, easy, and there’s no budgeting for recovery.

Skin Tightening?
The name tightening can imply a bit of pain and discomfort, but it is actually the best word to convey what is being done. Your skin has many important proteins and compounds in it, but two of the most important are elastin and collagen. In our youth, these are both found in our skin in great abundance. They provide the firmness and resilience youthful skin is known for and its ability to be easily pulled about and snap back into place. Over time, our skin has difficulty replacing it and this begins to cause minor issues with our skin like fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin is literally “looser” than it was before as the structure, the collagen, is less than it was before. The same thing happens when we lose a lot of weight. The fullness beneath the skin is gone. Skin tightening masks help alleviate this in a number of ways.

What You’re Looking For
The biggest thing you’re looking for are products that support your skin’s natural ability to produce collagen. Remember that the frame of your face is less full when you start seeing fine lines and filling it back in is the easiest way to make the lines vanish. This is why some cosmetic procedures are about “filling” an area. Masks don’t fill, but the ingredients they use can often penetrate deep into the skin and stimulate your skin’s natural abilities. Products rich in vitamins C, A, and E are all decent options when it comes to boosting collagen production. One thing skin enthusiasts should know is that vitamin A products are often a variety of retinol. These are highly effective at tightening the skin and reducing lines, but they dry out the skin relatively easily. As a result, you should always use a retinol product when you have a moisturizer to use after it. You should also ideally use them at night to give your skin time to naturally recover from them due to their potency.

What To Avoid
Everyone likes a quick fix, but the truth is the only quick fixes you’ll find in skin tightening involved a plastic surgeon. People are very fond of “at-home” remedies, but these are often ill-advised combinations of ingredients based around hazy ideas that often feel good on the skin, but won’t penetrate it. You should avoid any “do-it-yourself” options to ensure that you’re not wasting your time. The additional hazard of listening to any friend suggesting this is that some of them include ingredients that can irritate your skin and give you another skin issue to deal with at the same time. Similarly, you should avoid products claiming they can topically inject elastin back into your skin. Topical products cannot do this. You have to support your body’s natural ability to make and replace it or take a more invasive approach.

Skin tightening masks are a good, non-surgical way to help reduce the signs of aging or weight changes. Your skin does its best, but sometimes you have to help it along. The ingredients are key when finding a good mask though. Carefully read them and look for high amounts of the vitamins discussed. Masks take time and repeated use, but a quality mask will improve things over time. After all, gold was good enough for Cleopatra, wasn’t it?

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