Skin Treatments That Let You Skip The Scalpel

Skin Treatments That Let You Skip The Scalpel

Winter is a time for enjoying yourself. There are plenty of holiday parties going on and seasonal activities that you don’t get a chance to enjoy at home at any other point in the year. Yes, we’ve got to be more careful with our skin, but at the same time there’s so much to do and enjoy. The caution surrounding winter is the second most common narrative that we hear after winter cheer. The fact is that we should also be thinking of how useful winter can be too. There are a number of non-invasive cosmetic procedures that are ideally done in winter for different reasons. Not only do you have the time out from focusing on being publicly presentable constantly, but you also have the perfect excuse to avoid the outdoors. The right cosmetic procedures can even help you avoid larger scale work later. Let’s look at some of the skin treatments you might want to make time for this winter.

You might be familiar with at-home versions of this done by using a dermaroller. The tool is increasingly popular in beauty circles as it provides a lot of benefits in exchange for seeming just a tad eccentric. There are professional version of these treatments though that are both more exacting and thorough than you’d otherwise expect. The basics remain relatively the same though. A technician uses a tool with many little needles to create many tiny holes in your skin. This in turn stimulates your skin into thinking it needs to take immediate and drastic action to repair your skin when it truth only the smallest amount of damage has been done. The overabundance of collagen that your body sends for repairs is then used for less drastic repairs to your skin and can help minimize the appearance of many kinds of skin malformation and damage as well as plumping the skin up. You’ll be in and out of the treatment area before anyone knows you’re gone and staying out of the sun will let your skin heal beautifully.

Facial Peel
Peels are one of those eternal cosmetic procedures that never goes away, but continues to be quietly improved upon over time. Most of us have already lived through the era when getting a peel was considered worthy of a joke. That’s changed drastically now when at-home peels are readily available from various sources to help give you more choices when it comes to actually experiencing one. At-home peels are a great deal weaker than the ones you can get from a trained professional though. Those are non-invasive while still being of similar utility to other cosmetic procedures. Peels aren’t as easy to sneak out and do as micro-needling. You will have to put in a little aftercare to keep your skin healthy through the actual peeling of your skin. Remember to moisturize thoroughly though and not to pick at the peeling skin. This level of exfoliation can help keep your skin radiant no matter what it deals with the rest of the time.

Woman getting laser treatment
There are various cosmetic laser treatments out there that are meant for separate tasks. Hair removal is common, but there are also treatments that focus on removing discoloration in the skin or reducing the appearance of scars or other damage. These treatments vary drastically in the power of the laser and how they are focused, but they share some commonality in that the care surrounding it is fairly consistent. Laser treatments sensitize the skin and as a result you’re generally expected to protect your skin from the sun both before and after the actual treatment course. Their non-invasive nature makes them preferable to going under the knife, but the need for care does mean you still have to be careful. Remember to moisturize and apply sunscreen to the affected areas. It is even better to do that and cover the areas with clothing. Winter, with its excess of clothing, makes a natural choice for using any of these treatments.

Many of us are a little uncertain about seeking cosmetic surgery. There are a lot of reasons for that too that vary from person to person. Non-invasive cosmetic procedures are popular because they let us skip the unpleasant past necessities of some treatments and simply get the results that we want. Winter makes a good time for some of these simply because you’ll already be paying close attention to your skin and protecting it. So consider making time for a procedure. Other seasons can work just as well, but you might just find the aftercare more inconvenient then.

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