Skincare Changes For Warmer Months

Skincare Changes For Warmer Months

We’re all used to changing things when it starts to warm up. Most of the time we tend to focus on wardrobe changes. After all, heavier clothing from winter tends to be a bad news as spring turns to summer. As a result, we adjust things and move forward with our after we change out our closets. The end result is simply adapting to changing circumstances just like or distant ancestors did. Don’t limit these changes to just your wardrobe though. You need to make a few adjusts to your skincare products as well if you want to stay ahead of the weather. Summer’s shifts affect your skin just as assuredly as winter. The difference is simply the degree to which the season affects the skin. Summer is, strangely enough, subtle about its actions, but that just makes it that much more insidious and frustrating. Fortunately, we’ve got a few tips on how best to adjust your routine for summer.

Rinse and Cleanse Regularly
Cleanliness takes on a particular importance in summer. This is thanks to the increase in sweating that happens as the weather warms up. All that sweat isn’t necessarily bad for your skin since it is meant to help keep your cool, but that sweat does end up causing problems accidentally. It picks up dirt, debris, and oils as it rolls across your skin and can easily slip into a pore. That’s where the problems start. All those elements in one place can rapidly lead to the pore getting stopped up. You’re then well on your way towards creating an environment just waiting for a breakout. Consequently, you generally want to be cleaning your skin a little more often. We strongly recommend cleaning up every time you exert yourself or sweat any appreciable amount. You should also maintain your usual rinse and cleanse habits as well. This should help mitigate any major issues with breakouts without taking up too much of your time.

Sunscreen is Your Best Friend
Sunscreen is something we have to focus on all year long, but it becomes especially important as the weather gets warmer. Lighter clothing seldom covers the body as thoroughly and that means more sun exposure for your skin. Start paying attention to your wardrobe and making sure that you’re covering all exposed skin. Technically, we recommend just covering your skin in general since untreated fabric offers relatively little sun protection, but most of us don’t always have the time for that unless we’re intentionally going out to spend time in the sun. The general rule for sunscreen is to favor sunscreen that offers your broad spectrum protections of at least SPF 30. You might want to step up to SPF 50 in summer, but don’t escalate too high as there are diminishing returns once the rating goes high enough. We strongly encourage looking for a sunscreen that uses a physical blocker like zinc oxide as well. Physical blockers reflect the UV rays and provide the best protection, but a standard chemical blocker will still do the job just fine.

Adaptive Moisturizing
One crucial thing we need to stress is that you need to lighten the moisturizer you’re using in warmer months. Most of us need to pick thicker ones in colder months and it helps. The last thing you want in summer, if you can help it, is a cream though. Thicker moisturizers create seals that can end up holding oil and sweat next to the skin in a way that ends up hurting more than it helps. This is frustrating since you still need to moisturize. With that in mind, we recommend people try using a moisturizer that is a step or two lighter than they’d use in winter. People who use creams will want to find a lighter cream or try a lotion depending on if you have dry skin or not. Toners may be all your skin can take if you can just get away with a lotion in winter though as oily skin tends to be particularly finicky when it comes to using thicker moisturizers in summer. Making the appropriate adjustments will help keep your skin happy and healthy.

Adjusting your skincare routine for warmer months should be as routine as adjusting your wardrobe. Both of them serve the purpose of making sure you look your best and stay healthy. The former just takes some getting used to as it isn’t an automatic response for most of us. Working to establish the pattern of changing up our routine in summer will go a long way towards establishing a pattern that will serve us for years to come.

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