Sneaky Acne Culprits

Sneaky Acne Culprits

Acne is a persistent skin condition that turns up in everyone’s lives at least once. Unfortunately, most of us meet it more than a few times simply because of the varied causes of the skin condition. The issue is further emphasized when you consider the fact that some people even deal with skin prone to breakouts or have a genetic predisposition for it. No matter how you look at it, acne is a stubborn and vexing issue for everyone. You readily know that improper skin care can lead to skin issues. This is a rather simple and easy to identify the source of the problem though. Other potential issues causing acne are far more subtle and can leave you wondering what you did wrong. It doesn’t have to be this way though. Keep reading and you’ll learn about some of the sneaky acne culprits that can creep up on anyone before they know anything is wrong.

Bad Habits
Remember how sun protection is one of the key parts of skincare? One of the effects of too much sun can be encouraging your skin to have a breakout. This comes about thanks to the fact that overexposure to the sun often dries the skin out. Your skin is a well-honed system that does its best to manage all of its problems on its own without your help. That means it picks up oil production in response to your skin drying out. In turn, you’ll find that leads to more breakouts. You should try to avoid tanning or overexposure to the sun whenever possible. It isn’t just a suggestion. Enjoying the sun means taking proper care of your skin with sunscreen at all times. Additionally, your skin can be dried out by other bad habits like smoking or excessive alcohol. Cutting all of these factors out of your life will result in a healthier and longer life with better skin.

Stressed woman

Everyone is very aware of the fact that hormonal shifts can cause acne thanks to puberty and most women are aware that other hormonally significant portions of their lives can do the same. Most of us ignore that stress also counts as causing hormonal changes. Stress includes the release of the hormone cortisol. This can have a significant impact upon how your body functions as a result. Major shifts include damage to sleep, increased production of oil in the skin, and potential memory impairment. The first two can be directly connected to your skin’s overall health. Increased oil production leads to an environment fit for cultivating acne while less sleep means you body doesn’t have time to repair and manage the parts of your body that keep things healthy. This makes it quite clear why breakouts become more common when we get stressed.

Just A Little Too Much Zeal
Even the most devoted skincare fan needs to learn how to properly balance their desire for beautiful skin with what their skin can tolerate. A little too much cleansing or being a little too rough with even a gentle scrub can hurt the skin. Chemical exfoliants can be a particularly harsh on the skin. We tend to turn to products like these with potent oil control when we have a history of acne or wish to ward it off. This can actually be counterproductive for the same reasons that drying out your skin is already bad. More oil is produced and helps to create an environment in which acne flourishes. Be very attentive to your skin if you keep having issues with breakouts when you feel you’re doing “all you can” to protect your skin from them. The protection itself might be just a little too much.

Acne’s surprisingly sneaky nature means it can easily become a problem for anyone. Our skin changes throughout our life too and it can make previously okay habits suddenly become bad ones. We should all try to focus on doing our best to lead happy lives while paying attention to what we do to our skin and body. This is the best way for you to ensure that you can get ahead of even the sneakiest of acne.

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