The Benefits of Foot Peels

The Benefits of Foot Peels

Foot peels aren’t exactly something anyone expected to hear of until they made their way into Western beauty from Asia, but they are rapidly becoming more and more popular. Traditionally, we’ve all focused on using pumice stones and similar products to keep our feet soft and smooth. This does have its drawbacks, though. Pumice stones take time and if you’re lax in keeping your feet smooth you may be faced with smoothing them for several weeks before you get proper results. The stones also crumble and break eventually. You can end up accidentally hurting yourself with a breaking stone or simply in the process of exfoliating your feet. The catch is that we didn’t really have many more options beyond somewhat more mechanically intensive pumice stones rigged to buffers or other products for exfoliating our feet. Foot peels offer another option that may have far more benefits than a simple pumice stone.

Put Your Socks On
Foot peel products generally use socks or “foot sleeves” depending on the phrasing on the product. These are, in essence, containers for the actual compounds doing the work. Skin friendly acids are contained in the socks and released when you wear them thanks to the pressure and contact with the foot. This actually makes foot peels incredibly easy to ease. There are no arrangements to be made, no time to set aside, and you can actively do other things why the foot peel is happening. Your only task is to set a timer for how long the treatment is supposed to go on. Beyond that, you’re free to do what you will all while your feet get a luxurious treatment. There are several over-the-counter brands available for people to try that are from both Asian and Western markets. Most of them all use these “socks” and, as a result, you can more or less be assured of ease of use.

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Like It’s Not Even There
Let’s all be honest with one another briefly. Peels can hurt a little whether they’re over-the-counter or supervised. Most supervised peels of the strength to cause noticeable discomfort involve some numbing of the area, but a little sting can still happen. One of the benefits of a foot peel is that you probably won’t even notice it. Your foot actually has some of the tougher skin on your body. This is due to the constant impact and wear on the skin. It needs to build up to keep itself healthy and, as a result, we end up with calluses. That thicker skin will keep stinging from ever being part of your worries again. There is a caveat, however. These products do use chemical exfoliating agents and those don’t always agree with all skin types. People with sensitive skin should be mindful of how their skin reacts and if you feel stinging in excessive of a very faint sensation, then you may wish to remove the product.

Long Lasting and Comparatively Quick Results
Pumice stones are what we’re used to, but let’s not forget that they take fairly consistent use to be truly effective. A foot peel has the benefit that it helps to remove more of the dead skin than a pumice stone actually can. On top of this, it does it with comparative safety where we’re not particular in damage of accidentally scuffing up our skin. The longer lasting results of a foot peel generally mean you can get away with only using one every month or every couple of months depending on how fast your calluses form. This frees you up to spend your time in or after a shower to do other things without fussing over your feet constantly. You’ll likely see noticeable results the first time you use a foot peel. Don’t get in a rush, though. Remember that it takes a few days for the peeling to start. Let it happen naturally, just as you would with any peel, and don’t pick at it.

Foot peels actually make the task of keeping your feet looking their best a lot easier. They remove the time-consuming hassle of using a pumice stone or similar product to keep calluses away. The main caveats to keep in mind when using a foot peel are the same as any other peel: use only as long as directed, be mindful of reactions, and don’t pick at it. Do feel free to try a foot peeling product or service if you have access to one. Just make sure there are no open wounds, sores, or other issues with the skin of your feet before you use one. You’ll likely enjoy the results.

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