The Healing Powers Of Mussels

The Healing Powers Of Mussels

Trying to stay health conscious means constantly being on the lookout for foods that can support a healthy lifestyle. These tend to vary in availability depending on where we are and the time of the year though. Healthy seafood is especially prone to this problem. Not only that, but seafood comes with the problem of needing to check to even see if the catch or harvest is healthy that year. Some places and times result in seafood with unhealthy levels of mercury while others might have an unwelcome dose of bacteria. Navigating seafood for some health benefits can end up being an incredibly frustrating thing. It is worth it when you find foods that are worthwhile though such as fatty fish and mussels. Each one has it own particular benefits that support your body’s overall health. Mussels in particular actually contribute a number of nutrients highly important to your everyday health and your body’s ability to heal.

Vitamin A
The complex systems of our body require a wide variety of nutrients. Vitamins tend to be among the most important though. Vitamin A, in particular, is highly important when it comes to internal regulation and maintaining healthy immune function. Mussels are relatively rich with vitamin A, but shouldn’t be your only source of the vitamin. They do make an excellent addition to your diet when it comes to ensuring you get enough vitamin A though. The support to immune function helps to make the immune system a little more robust and able to maintain optimal levels of functioning even during extended illness. We do need to stress that mussels are not an “immune booster” though. There is no such thing. Vitamin A simply provides your body with the materials to ensure your immune system’s functions as it should without being impaired by poor diet. This is important to state given how many people leap on anything that supports healthy immune function and makes it into something it is not.

Most of us never really hear about selenium. This doesn’t make sense given it is one of those vital nutrients that our body needs too. Admittedly, it is a lot harder to remember than a vitamin. Selenium is an interesting mineral that actually plays a supporting role in a lot of functions within the body. A lot of its function is devoted to countless little things, but there are a few dominant benefits worth highlight. Much like vitamin A, it provides support to the immune system. Selenium deficiency isn’t that common, but it is possible for it to happen if your diet isn’t the best. The fact that most people don’t know they need it can also mean that supplements we use to make up for nutritional shortfalls can fail to help us by lacking the mineral. Another important function is that selenium is an antioxidant. It is beneficial for helping to lower the rate of damage to cells in the body from free radicals and overall helping to support the healing process by reducing the daily amount of damage done to the body.

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Vitamin C
If you’re not a fan of your greens or citrus, you can actually get a decent amount of this vitamin from mussels. The fact that it’s vitamin C is particularly helpful thanks to the simple fact that the vitamin plays so many useful roles in the body. Like selenium, vitamin C is also an antioxidant that helps diminish the amount of damage done to your body each day. This alone makes it useful, but the benefits don’t stop there. Vitamin C also supports the overall strength of a number of tissues within the body. It is particularly important when it comes to helping heal and maintain joints in the body. Vitamin C contributes compounds to both strengthening the muscles and maintaining the collagen that helps to cushion the joints. Without the vitamin and others like it, your body won’t have the materials necessary to properly heal itself. That’s why it is so good you can get the vitamin from a wide variety of sources.

While some people like to say that mussels have something special about them that lets them help people heal, the truth is that mussels simply have a high concentration of useful nutrients that support the body’s ability to heal and care for itself. They’re more or less just as good as healthy, balanced diet. In fact, they can make a good addition to such a diet as long as the mussels are healthy. It is important to note that many mussels are high in sodium and as a result, they need to be eaten in moderation. Remembering this will help you find a healthy yet tasty diet that supports your long-term health.

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