The Impact of Fasting On Skin Health

The Impact of Fasting On Skin Health

Fasting is currently a topic of discussion in health and beauty circles. Depending on who you ask, there are a lot of benefits to be had by taking a timeout on your current diet and simply avoiding eating for a bit. Fasting, clearly defined, is simply avoiding eat or drinking for a given period of time. It is frequently observed in various sacred traditions and occasionally required before particular medical treatments. That is has an association with good health makes sense. Some people have loosened the term to a degree to use it as a way to refer to temporarily removing something from their diet. This makes it a bit difficult to tell quite what people are advocating when it comes to suggesting fasting to improve your skin. Let’s look at both potential interpretations first and then we’ll examine any potential benefits.

Traditional Fasting
When people hear of fasting for their health, this is generally the first kind of fasting that they’ll think of to try. That isn’t necessarily the best thing either. Fasting is entirely skipping food or food and water. This isn’t good for you even at the best of times. Longer times of religious fasting have been known to kill people due to the combination of a lack of nutrition, hydration, and environmental factors. When your doctor needs to you fast temporarily for a test or treatment it is generally for a day at absolutely most and typically only for 12 hours. You’re encouraged to eat a healthy and filling meal beforehand too to minimize your discomfort. Most of us have had one of these tests before and right up until you can eat again is generally rather miserable. It does have its uses, but it really isn’t the best option for improving your skin or your overall health and weight.

Just trimming particular foods from your diet isn’t actually fasting no matter what people want you to think. It is modifying your diet. This is actually a potentially viable strategy for helping you in various ways. Cutting out sugary, greasy, and other unhealthy foods from your diet for a little while can have a profound impact on your health. This is because unhealthy food actually contributes a lot of negative things to your body alongside the positive nutrients that they have. Sugary substances, in particular, can be horrible for your skin by causing rising and falling blood sugar levels that put stress on your skin. Others encourage the release of various hormones in the body that increase the amount of oils that your skin releases routinely. Understandably, appropriately managing your diet can very quickly improve your skin’s health. Use of the word fasting can potentially be important to the body, but you need to take a closer look to determine the actual benefits.

The Effects
Long term traditional fasting is actually not advisable for your skin. A lower metabolism means you’ll process things less effectively and your body will simply be overall more sluggish than it should. Furthermore, a lack of nutrients means your body will start breaking down tissues in your body, starting with fat, to keep itself running. That doesn’t make it a good weight loss tool though. You do, technically, fast every night when you sleep. As a result, doctors do believe there is potential use in short term fasts for helping improve the body’s ability to repair and clean itself, but in general, it isn’t something to try without a doctor’s advice. Diet management, by contrast, is far better for your skin. Cutting out unhealthy foods will do wonders for your skin and allow it to get a natural glow. Don’t go back to those foods apart from an occasional treat though if you want to take good care of your skin.

Fasting isn’t actually a terribly effective way to boost your body’s overall health or to improve your skin. The potential negative effects on your body can actually negatively impact your skin’s health by leading the body to be less effective at taking care of itself. Your best bet is found in long term diet changes. These can have relatively quick and pronounced effects on your skin that improve its overall clarity. So do keep eating, but remember to eat healthily.

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