The Pros And Cons Of AM And PM Showers

The Pros And Cons Of AM And PM Showers

Nothing feels quite as good as a nice shower. By now, most of us are well aware of the fact that we shouldn’t turn the water up as hot as it can go and bask in the warmth. Our skin will suffer for it later no matter how much we enjoy ourselves. Fortunately, warm water can still give a nice relaxing feeling without being too damaging to our skin. This idea on what aspect of a shower is best for the skin is relatively easily agreed upon. We can show clear evidence for it being best to avoid hot water. It isn’t necessarily as obvious once you start the discussion on whether it is better to shower in the morning or in the evening. We all have our preferences when it comes to this and can find both positive and negative things to say about each. It makes narrowing down a “best choice” difficult. It is a legitimate question for many people though. Let’s take a closer look at the two and the pros and cons of each to see if we can find an actual answer to this dilemma.

AM Showers
Morning showers can be positively divine. There’s nothing quite like that refreshing feeling when the water first hits you in the morning while you’re still groggy. Warm water doesn’t necessarily do as much as we’d like to wake us up, but a quick burst of cold water can have you wide awake quickly. Studies indicate that it may be just as effective as your morning coffee and thereby offer an option for anyone who can’t or won’t use caffeine to help themselves wake up. Another benefit is that a morning shower tends to leave us feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. After all, you can be sure you look your best and have corrected any issues that turn up in sleep. These benefits do come with some tradeoffs though. The time it takes in the morning to get ready is the big one. We all have schedules and trying to get to them in a timely fashion is important. A lack of time can lead to sacrifices like breakfast or a shorten skincare routine. Your other option is to shower in the evening.

PM Showers
Showering at night does away with worrying about your schedule and gives you its own set of benefits. You can be very sure that your face is clear of any makeup left on it from the day this way. This helps to improve your skin’s overall health. Showering at night can particularly complement those of us who favor evening skincare routines. Having all that extra time in the evening also means you can take the time to properly care for a hairstyle when you might not otherwise be able to do so with a morning shower. Furthermore, your mornings are going to end up a lot freer when you shower during night-time. All that time can go to a leisurely start to your day instead and you might end up more relaxed before going to bed too. Admittedly, there’s a chance for people with oily skin to suffer excessive buildup if they only shower at night. You might also end up breaking more hairs if you end up sleeping on wet hair at night.

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One or The Other?
AM or PM showers are one of those unnecessary disagreements in beauty and skincare circles. The truth is that the rhythm of your life is up to you. Each option has its own set of benefits, but many of them depend on your actual schedule rather than there being something inherently better about one time or day or another. This means you should feel free to experiment with finding what helps you feel the most at ease in your own life. Finding the right way to organize your schedule will reduce your overall stress and thereby help your skin in that way. Ask yourself what you need in your life and pick a time to shower accordingly. Time is probably going to be your deciding factor. Some experts have pinpointed there being potential physical benefits in both ways, but the effects are quite minor and not really noteworthy enough to count as a true benefit. It all comes back to you eventually.

There is no true solution to whether you should shower in the morning or evening. Yes, every beauty expert has their own favorite, but that’s typically what works for them. The secret to deciding this debate has always and will always rest on the personal trying to decide. Whatever is most convenient will generally be what serves you best in your skincare and life.

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