Tips for Exfoliating The Lips

Tips for Exfoliating The Lips

Most of us are perfectly happy to acknowledge that we need to exfoliate our skin. After all, the natural shedding process that our skin undergoes constantly isn’t as perfect as we’d like. The dead skin cells can end up clinging to their neighbors or getting caught in our skin’s natural oils if we’re not careful. This in turn leads to blocked pores and various skin issues that are less than pleasant. We tend to have fairly clear opinions about what skin should be exfoliated though. This can be a fairly counterproductive way of thinking since all of your skin needs the attention. You just need to figure out the right way to tend to the less commonly exfoliated areas like your lips. It doesn’t make much sense that we’d forget our lips since they’re so obvious, but it turns out that’s the area that most of us end up skipping. It just doesn’t seem to occur to most of us. Fortunately, it isn’t that hard to exfoliate your lips. We’ve got a few tips to help you make the most of it.

Specialized Attention
Exfoliating your lips requires a little more care than exfoliating your face and far more than exfoliating your body. This is due to the fact that your lips have thinner skin than anywhere else on your body. As a result, it is far easier to accidentally hurt the skin if you’re not careful. That’s why there are actually specialized products for helping to tend to your lips. These are frequently powder scrubs that focus on providing your skin with a gentle yet effective way of exfoliating the layers of dead skin on your lips. Generally you’ll use the product for less time than any other exfoliating option. These specialized products do offer the benefit that they are formulated for this task exactly and as a result are well-suited for the task. There is a way for you to get the benefits if you accidentally forget your product while traveling though that you’ll almost always be sure to have no matter where you go.

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A Quick Fix
Specialized products aren’t always available, but the truth is all you really need is probably in your travel bag. Your toothbrush makes for an adequate substitute for a specialized product at least some of the time. You simply lightly brush your lips. Don’t apply any real pressure when doing this or you’ll run the risk of hurting the skin of your lips. Fortunately, it is easy enough to get this right. You’ll want to favor softer bristled brushes if you’re going to need to use this trick when traveling though. Remember that the skin of your lips is quite thin and anything too rough will damage the skin. This will result in less clarity and overall color for your lips. It isn’t a good outcome if you’re favoring the “no-makeup” look and emphasizing the natural colors of your appearance. We strongly advise looking for a specialized product when exfoliating your lips even if you can simply use a toothbrush. A product is your best chance for minimizing potential damage even if we do need to acknowledge there is another option.

The Benefits
Exfoliating your lips does come with potential setbacks, yes, but it is an important way to keep your lips healthy. Remember that your lips are subject to the same rules of shedding as the rest of your skin. If you don’t pay attention to them, your lips will start to have issues with overall color and clarity regardless of whether you’ve damaged them or not. Light exfoliation helps to ensure that their color isn’t dulled by flaking, dry skin over time. Additionally, exfoliating your lips has the decided benefit of helping to improve overall color for the area thanks to increased blood flow. The effect will be the most pronounced in the hours after exfoliating, but regularly exfoliating your lips will provide a constant, low level improvement to overall color. It may even be enough to make you feel confident enough to avoid a lip color for a little while. Remember to be careful and to be mindful of what your lips are telling you when you’re exfoliating them to avoid causing any lasting harm. Applying lip balm or a similar product over them after exfoliating will help as well.

Exfoliating one’s lips is an often neglected beauty tip that should get more attention than it gets. The simple fact of the matter is that your lips are still covered by skin and need this attention as much as the rest of it. Providing it with the care and attention it needs will help you maintain the natural beauty and color of your lips without the need for relying on lip color. That alone makes it worth considering.

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