Tips For Fading Post-Acne Spots

Tips For Fading Post-Acne Spots

Acne is one of the most universal skin issues. It typically hits us the hardest during puberty, but no one ever fully escapes. Unfortunately, your skin is just a little too much stress and a few hormonal shifts away from breaking out regularly again. All of us can suffer from breakouts from stress, but mainly women experience hormonal acne during their cycle. Regardless of why we’re dealing with acne, that it happens in the first place opens up the chance that we will get acne scars. These are places where the skin doesn’t heal quite as cleanly as we’d like. They can be outright depressions in the skin where the collagen has been permanently damaged by the experience to simply persistent red or darkish spots on the skin. These post-acne spots can all be a problem, but are easily dealt with providing you take the right steps.

Stick to Quality
It does bear stressing here at the start that you need to avoid the ever popular home remedies for helping to deal with this like this. People will suggest pure citrus juices and others options to apply to the skin with relatively few additions. This isn’t good for your skin. Outright applying some juices directly to your skin can actually damage your skin or magnify already present damage. Some suggested home remedies also severe boost skin sensitivity to sunlight and can cause sun damage to accumulate faster if you use them often enough. We use carefully formulated products for a reason. They isolate the ingredients in various compounds that are useful for our skin from the ones that can hurt our skin. Plenty of quality products exist that can help you with post-acne spots without resorting to questionable home remedies.

A Measure of Prevention
An important point to note, when dealing with spots in particular, is that they are darkened partly due to damage and partly due to pigment. The pigment is the catch here as it can easily darken if you’re not careful. Remember that you need to wear sunscreen regularly just to keep your skin healthy. This becomes doubly true if you’re trying to heal and fade any kind of spots on your skin. Otherwise all your progress will be worn away as the area is exposed to more sunlight and the skin darkens again. This is because your skin produces more melanin, the pigment responsible for skin tone, upon exposure to sunlight. It is your skin’s natural defense to sun damage and why old style tanning worked at all. You don’t want this at all so be particularly dedicated to ensuring your wear sunscreen when trying to heal acne spots. It is a necessary complement to using a genuine fading product.

Woman with post-acne spots on face
Out Darned Spot!
There are plenty of products that exist solely to remove dark spots on the skin. There are ones meant for darker sun spots, but you can also find plenty suited to helping fade acne spots. These products typically clear state what they are meant for as well so that they are easy to find. In many cases this is entirely sufficient and can help. Others will want to look into trying things like spot treatments as well as at-home peels. Exfoliating the skin is necessary to help remove the layers of darker skin from the skin beneath. Peels are for particularly noticeable ones though. In general you’ll want to stick to using a normal chemical exfoliant regularly instead. This will also help reduce the appearances of actual depressions in the skin as well. Similarly, you’ll want to use gentle, nourishing products with vitamins A, C, and E to encourage skin health while you’re doing this to ensure your skin has that extra boost to recovery from regularly exfoliating.

These few tips are some basic guidelines for treating post-acne spots in both their forms. None of these are absolutely sure to work because everyone’s skin is different, but they are general rules useful for most people. Persistent spots that are resistant to treatment as something you should talk to your dermatologist about as they’ll be able to give more individualized tips and tricks. You can fade those acne spots. It will just take a little time.

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