Toning Up The Buttocks and Thighs

Toning Up The Buttocks and Thighs

Life gets in the way of a lot of things. That’s why we always promise ourselves that we’ll get to one thing or another eventually. More time passes and we never get to it because everything else that needs doing keeps piling up in such a way that it puts us further and further from “eventually”. This doesn’t help us achieve any goals. It can also work against our broader interests. Most of us have an investment in looking after ourselves as best as we can. We look into tips for skincare to ensure we care for our skin correctly while also seeking out bits of health information to ensure we’re doing what we can for our health. This last bit tends to be where the most mistakes are made. We all need to exercise for our health and to look our best, but exercise is often the first sacrifice to “eventually”. It starts to show too. With that in mind, let’s go over some basic exercises that can help you tone the buttocks and thighs as those are common problem areas when we’ve been a little too inactive.


This is the eternal favorite for helping to tone the aforementioned areas specifically because most forms of squats are designed specifically for the buttocks and thighs. Squats are also simple enough that you can do them almost anywhere and anytime thanks to the lack of required equipment. It simply comes down to an appropriate stance and the dedication to perform the exercise. You need to start by standing with your feet wide and roughly around shoulder width or a little larger. It typically depends on the exact variant of the squat. Make sure your feet a properly pointed forward as this will be part of maintaining your balance. Keep your spine straight as your gradually crouch until your legs are roughly even with your knees. Return to your start position after a moment and repeat the exercise fifteen to twenty times. This is best used in conjunction with a broader exercise routine that further helps exercise the desired areas.

Wall Bridge
Not everyone’s body can necessarily take squats. This isn’t due to any personal failings, but movements can be particularly hard on our bodies as we begin to get older or due to particular heritages. Sometimes it is simply a little too taxing for us as individuals. You can try them again later, but there are a few options for those of us who need something a little kinder on our legs. In fact, you can do this one lying down. A wall bridge uses a wall and leverage to help you exercise muscles in a gentler fashion than squats. All you need to do to get started is to set up a place for you to comfortably lay on your back with your butt pressed to the wall while your legs rest vertically along the wall. Once this is done, you’ll want to carefully pick a position a few feet up the wall and place your feet there. Push carefully with your legs and raise yourself from the floor while keeping your head and shoulders firmly on the floor or mat. Hold the position for a moment and then gradually lower yourself to starting position. Repeat this up to fifteen times.


Much like squats, lunges and even bridges, you can find many forms of the lunge. We’re going to concern ourselves with a basic “forward” lunge for the purposes of this discussion. This exercise uses simple movements to tone your buttons and thighs without the need for anything extra. Admittedly, many of the alternate forms do use equipment to improve the effects of the exercise. A basic forward lunge is relatively easy to do in even a small space. Start in a standing position while keeping your back straight. Take a step forward with your favored foot, but instead of a normal step you’ll want to extend it far enough forward that the knee of your other knee points to the floor. This should be a controlled movement. Do not let the leg you’re stepping forward with touch the ground. Once you’ve done this, return to upright position and repeat with the other leg. Alternate between both legs over the course of ten to fifteen lunges.

These exercises are all relatively simply to ensure everyone can do them. We all need to admit that our bodies can handle different amounts of exercise. Learning where to push and where to be kind to our bodies is part of creating a good exercise routine. We hope these exercises will at least give you an idea on the sorts of exercises to incorporate into your own routine as you work towards toning your buttocks and thighs.

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