Top Deep Peeling Ingredients

Top Deep Peeling Ingredients

There are a number of good reason to consider a deep peel, but finding a decent compound is often an issue. Should it be a cream, a liquid, or a gel? Is it more effective to have this particular ingredient or that? While OROGOLD thinks the style of the compound itself revolves around personal taste, there is certainly something to be said for picking a compound with the right ingredients. Since a deep peel is meant to help exfoliate the skin it is of vital importance not just to get a compound that is going to be harsh on the skin, but one that incorporates ingredients that will offset the necessary roughness of an exfoliating compound and help the skin heal by infusing it with beneficial ingredients. When in doubt, ask a professional as a bad product can noticeably damage you skin.

Vitamin A
Derivatives of vitamin A are also highly effective ingredients in a deep peel. They share many traits with vitamin C derivatives, such as ascorbic acid, in that they are known to help encourage collagen growth. As with ascorbic acid, this helps reduce signs of aging by helping skin stay filled out to a degree. Vitamin A derivatives also help even out the coloration of the skin too. This is less the skin “bleaching” effect of some deep peel products and more a natural part of the compound itself. Working together with the slight bleaching effect, this part of vitamin A can help even out complexions easily.

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Ascorbic Acid
Unsurprisingly, ascorbic acid, a derivative of vitamin C, and its associated compounds have a place on this list. There is a lot to love about vitamin C as a whole, but the most relevant benefits are its promotion of collagen growth and ability to help smooth out imperfections in the skin when applied topically. Ascorbic acid isn’t the harshest chemical you can find in a deep peel either, so seeing it used in a higher quantity sometimes indicates you’ll be using a less potent peel. Don’t forget that a less potent peel isn’t necessarily less effective, but you will likely need to use it over time for any truly stunning improvements.

Aloe Vera
Anyone who has every gotten sunburned knows of aloe vera’s reputation for soothing damaged skin. The inclusion of aloe vera in a deep peel is often specifically there to help offset the potential discomfort of harsher ingredients. Its wonderful cooling effect will help offset any sensation of chemical harshness to your skin. The cooling feeling is also part of its work as a moisturizing agent. OROGOLD would especially like to highlight that this is particularly important as some acidic compounds in deep peel formulas have the unfortunate side-effect of drying out the skin. By including aloe vera, a compound is helping safeguard your skin at the same time it is helping you improve it.

There are plenty of deep peeling products available on the market, but OROGOLD encourages you to talk to a professional when trying to select one that is right for you. Products of low quality can be hard to spot and selecting the wrong one can have a lasting negative impact on your skin’s health. Any at-home product will necessarily be less obvious than a professionally done, in-office peel, but they provide just that extra bit of care that can truly make your beauty shine.

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