Top Exfoliators for Winter Skin

Top Exfoliators for Winter Skin

Knowing that you need to change your skin care routine for winter is only part of the job. The harder part is figuring out the best products to use. Moisturizers are relatively easy as the general rule is simply to pick a moisturizer one step up in potency from your usual one for winter. Choosing the right exfoliating product is a great deal harder thanks to the various factors involved in picking a good one even without having to worry about the weather. This ends up causing a frustrating loop where you’re not quite sure what will work well anymore or if you’re just going to hurt your skin with the kind of product you prefer. Stop worrying. OROGOLD is going to give you a quick look at some of the top exfoliators you can use during the winter. It should help reduce the frustration in picking one on your own.

Sugar scrub

Sugar Scrubs
If you prefer physical exfoliators, then you don’t need to worry. Many people suggest abandoning them in winter due to their potential to add to damage from dry skin, but the truth is all you need to do is pick a physical exfoliator appropriately. Sugar scrubs are a particularly good choice because different grades of sugar are used depending on the product. We suggest looking for as fine a grain as you can find in winter. Sugar crystals work well, by comparison to other products, thanks to the fact that they’re physically rounded by comparison to others. This allows them to flow easier across the skin without the roughness of things like salt crystals which are mostly edges. Ideally, you want to find a sugar scrub that includes moisturizing compounds in the product as well. This adds an extra layer of gentleness and support to the product that is ideal for winter. It softens the dead skin being removed and helps boost the healthy skin beneath it.

Enzyme-based Exfoliators
Enzyme-based products are the close relatives of chemical exfoliators. What makes them different is primarily that the alcohol and acid-based approach of most chemical exfoliators in favor of using natural extracts and products. These typically do contain naturally occurring amounts of familiar skin care acids, but much of the time these are there simply as an additional effect. Enzyme-based products seek to balance out oil production in the skin by soothing it and helping it retain a healthy amount of moisture while cleaning away grime and buildup. OROGOLD particularly recommends trying this approach if you’re used to using products for dry or sensitive skin. Many of these products are highly flexible and provide layered benefits depending on the source of their enzymes. You can typically expect these to include a moisturizing element and a variety of skin-boosting nutrients.

Woman taking a milk bath

AHAs and Salicylic Acid
People with oily or acne-prone skin don’t necessarily need to worry during the winter either. Hydroxy acid-based products remain perfectly viable in winter, but this approach does come with a bit of extra upkeep. Ideally, you should switch to an enzyme-based cleanser. This isn’t always an option for people with highly problematic skin. With that in mind, you need to focus on finding and using the appropriate moisturizer alongside any acid-based product. They will be drying your skin out as assuredly as the winter air. If you’re not careful, they combined dryness will lead to overproduction of oil and a chronic breakout you could spend most of the winter fighting. Our best recommendation is to try using slightly less potent versions of the products you typically use or try to find one that includes skin fortifying or moisturizing ingredients to soften the blow of dissolving away the oil. Hydroxy acids are reliable and still a good choice in winter, but you absolutely cannot forget the possible downsides.

Exfoliating during winter is always going to be problematic. We can humidify the air in the places we stay the most and moisturize our skin, but the cold, dry air will always be nearby drawing moisture away from our skin. It makes exfoliating necessary at the same time that it makes it difficult. OROGOLD hopes you have a clearer idea of how to select an appropriate product now. With this information, you should have an idea of where you can start in picking a new exfoliating product before winter fully arrives.

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