Treat Wrinkles on Your Neck

Treat Wrinkles on Your Neck

Most of what our skincare efforts are about is trying to minimize the long term signs of aging. We’re trying to avoid sun spots, wrinkles, and all the other little tell tale signs that turn up. A lot of the time we tend to experience these on our face and as a result that’s where our focus typically rests. It isn’t a bad habit, but it does mean we can end up ignoring some of the more obvious locations we should also be giving attention. The neck is particularly notorious in this regard. Our necks are right under our faces and it seems natural that we’d extend care to them and yet it doesn’t happen naturally. Most of us have to be reminded at some point that we need to tend to our neck or all the effort we put into our face will be lost as there will be clear signs of aging just below. It is easy enough to take care of your neck and minimize any wrinkles. All you need to know is how to do it.

Sunscreen Goes Here Too
Prevention is a big issue when it comes to treating neck wrinkles. This is because the skin of the neck is so much thinner than the rest of the body with the exception of the face. Thinner skin is unable to take as much damage as the collagen deposits are less thick overall and more prone to damage. You want to remember to regularly apply sunscreen to your neck for this very reason. Remember that exposure to the sun means your skin is getting bombarded by UV rays. The free radicals this can introduce into the skin break down collagen over time. Without enough collagen to support your skin, it stops being firm and loses its youthful ability to spring back and support itself. Skin begins to fold more then and this repeated folding ends up damaging yet more collagen until the damage is extensive enough that wrinkles begin to form. Remembering to regularly apply your usual sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF to your neck is really all you need to do to counter this problem. It will prevent an existing problem from getting worse and minimize future problems.

Exercise group

Exercises Are Your Friend
We’re not talking about the kind of full body exercises that likely just leaped to mind, but instead localized ones that help get the musculature in a given area properly toned. Sometimes various elements of your life can lead to wrinkles on your neck simply from habit. You can counter these by working to exercise and tone the muscles in your neck. There are plenty of guides for doing this, but the general idea of them it to bring tension to the muscles in your neck to stretch them and the skin. Holding a position that does this for a little bit, releasing, and then repeating it will gradually improve the underlying musculature and thereby improve how the skin lies over it. There are plenty of these exercises out there and available for you to learn. We would recommend using it as an excuse to massage your neck some as well. This will improve blood flow through the skin of the area. That blood flow will boost collagen production to help repair any damage in the area a little easier.

Specialty Products Can Help
As we’ve highlighted, necks wrinkles can be a problem at a number of ages. That works in our favor as it means there are plenty of products designed to help treat them. You can actually extend some of your standard skincare routine down to your neck to help it. Retinol-based products are particularly good in this regard as they help to tighten skin and thereby eliminate wrinkles. The heightened cell turnover rate combined with support for collagen formation means that you could get all you need from standard care like this. You can do better then. There are actually specialized masks and other products meant for the neck. These are formulated to work with the nature of the skin of the neck to achieve the best long term results. We would like to particularly highlight masks though as this style of product allows helpful compounds to sit on your neck for an extended period of time to give you the best hope for a positive outcome.

Treating neck wrinkles isn’t actually that hard. It just takes a willingness to provide that extra bit of care that sensitive skin needs to make up for any of the damage already done to the neck. Minimizing further damage is a particularly good strategy when trying to help treat wrinkles. So don’t forget your sunscreen no matter what other steps you take to help treat those wrinkles.

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