Treating Acne In Every Body Zone

Treating Acne In Every Body Zone

Acne is an uncomfortable problem. It can affect us for any number of reasons ranging from a genetic tendency towards it to hormonal shifts in the body that cause acne to flare back up again no matter how long ago puberty was for you. We’re largely familiar with how to treat acne of the face, though. That’s where almost all commercials and products talk about being of use for since that’s where it generally turns up. That doesn’t give much for anyone who has acne anywhere else to go on when they’re trying to find relief. The good news is that dermatologists have known about acne appearing in various places on the body for ages and are happy to provide instruction on what to do when you ask. We’ve assembled a simple overview of tips for treating acne in most major areas it occurs so that you can try them before needing to ask your dermatologist.

The Back
This area is second only to the face in how often acne occurs. Sometimes it feels like acne maliciously spread to our shoulders to make life that much more uncomfortable for us, but it honestly isn’t just you. It also isn’t that hard to acne treat acne on your back either. General treatment tends to be similar to what you’d do for standard acne by applying oil control and dissolving products. Alpha hydroxy acid-based and salicylic acid-based products are typically quite good at getting the job done. If you’re largely being bothered on your shoulders, you can try applying some of the cleanser your use for your face to the affect areas, but you may want to look for a specialized product if that doesn’t work. Harder-to-reach areas will need a brush to spread your product to them or you’ll want to find a spray that can cover the area. It is up to your personal tastes.

Arms and Chest
Interestingly enough, the face and the back are the main places where actual acne happens. There are acne-like problems that can turn up in other places, though. The arms and chest are particularly prone to being affected by these problems. Women, in particular, are prone to noticing acne on or near their breasts. This is typically caused by sweat and oil building up in tighter bras and rubbing against the skin until they clog pores. Rather than actual acne, you’re generally dealing with an infection of the vellus hair follicles in the area. This is easy enough to treat by wearing clean bras and looser clothing in general for a little while and making sure that you cleanse the area. It will help let your skin do what it needs to do to clean up the area and prevent you from making things worse. Apparent acne on the arms is another condition that leads to the vellus hairs being trapped beneath the skin. A moisturizing cleanser applied regularly to the affected areas will help the issue clear up fairly quickly.

Others Areas of the Body
In most cases, the rest of the body tends to occasionally have issues similar to the chest. Trapped oils and dirt near the skin lead to infected hair follicles. This is particularly true in places where clothing tends to cling tightly to the body. Continually wearing the same set of workout clothes without washing them or failing to take them off consistently after a workout can all lead to the issue. Other circumstances can cause the problem too such as ones where folds in your skin are created by posture from sitting in one place for too long. Getting up and moving around more can help prevent the later while good hygiene can prevent the former. The rules for treatment are the same as the chest, though. Don’t wear anything too tight and ensure you’re wearing clean clothing consistently to prevent the skin from getting any worse.

The scourge of acne, sadly, isn’t restricted to our faces. It can turn up on our neck and shoulders if our genetics aren’t particularly kind to use. We can treat it fairly easily, though. Similar, acne-like conditions can appear on the body as well that aren’t actually acne despite their appearance. Most of these come from grinding sweat and dirt into your skin through tight clothing that has accumulated enough sweat. All it takes is making sure you keep your clothing clean and remembering to cleanse and exfoliate the affected areas to help clear those up, though. Hopefully, these tips will help you feel ready to deal with any breakouts that turn up in the future without wondering how to treat them.

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