Trends In Primary Care and Prevention

Trends In Primary Care and Prevention

You can a learn a lot by watching the trends that turn up each year. The tone of the trends tends to tell you how people are feeling about something while the general themes give an idea of what people hold as important. It can also give you an idea of where the innovations are that year or the new understandings that build upon a particular area. Skincare is no different in this respect. Admittedly, we also need to be cautious about the potential trends that turn up as there are plenty of less than useful ideas in skincare each year. We all want to know which ones work, of course, but someone has to try them to find out. Currently, there are a lot of active trends that are worth keeping an eye on. We’re going to look at some of the major trends in skin care. Keep reading and you might find out more about trends in primary care that might become your favorite new skin care idea.

Solar Shade
Staying out of the sun is honestly the best way to protect your skin from UV radiation. This does include making sure not to spend too much time in direct sunlight through windows. Sun damage is a major, if not the major, cause of premature aging thanks to the UV exposure leading to collagen being broken down in the skin. Avoiding the sun is all well and good, but most of us like to have a little more freedom of movement in our lives. Sunscreen is good, but it can be messy or not as easy to use at the times when we need to touch up. Fortunately, the skincare and beauty industries have responded by moving forward with integrating ingredients that give various products an SPF rating. It ensures that, if we pick our products right, touching up our makeup or giving our skin an afternoon pampering can also keep it protected from the sun. The sheer utility involved in this trend makes it highly likely that we’ll keep seeing SPF attached to an increasing number of products.

Woman with natural skin care products

Natural Is In
If there could be one way to summarize the major trends in beauty and skincare over the last year or two is would be natural. People are striving for a natural look where less obvious makeup is used and emphasizing using simpler products with more understandable ingredients. This latter one is often particularly popular due to worries about how chemicals will interact with the body. It is a little problematic as people don’t pause to think that everything technically counts as a chemical, but ingredients one doesn’t understand do lend an understandably worrying edge to many things. Natural care, both primary and preventive, have been favored as a result. This involves using obvious ingredients such as scrubs using natural materials or direct application of juices and pulps to the skin for benefits. There’s enough there to be useful, but it has ended up being oversold by many. This trend seems like it will keep going for a little while yet.

Personalized Care
The future of most care is ultimately in truly personalized care. Skincare has always been personalized to a degree due to the need to properly match product choices to your skin type. However, this is entering a new era as more options keep appearing. Specialists are better able to determine the likelihood of various issues and help people to plan for them in the future. This is getting down to an exact enough science that precise testing can help you determine when you need to focus on one aspect of skincare or another as you age. You can expect this to become more and more common at all levels of skincare going forward. We’ve also noticed the rise in personalized preventive skincare such as “multi-masking”. This technique is an example of how people use multiple products to target particular areas of skin that need specialized care without damaging the other sections of skin with improper care. This “build-your-own” approach is also likely to become even more popular with time too.

The vast mix of trends we’ve seen over the past year have gradually weeded out the worthwhile ones from the…less than useful trends. We’ve discussed some of the most viable ones that appear like they are going to remain strong and influence the direction of the coming year’s trends as well. Natural products are particularly useful due to ongoing changes in the industry meaning that some ingredient options will be phased out in the future while the sun protection trend helps to protect us from our own worst habits when we forget to use sunscreen. So keep an eye open in 2017 for new advances in natural, personalized skincare. Your skin can only get better in the new year.

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