Use Deep Cleansing Breaths To Boost Overall Wellness

Use Deep Cleansing Breaths To Boost Overall Wellness

Life can get a bit overwhelming sometimes. We all tend to develop habits to help with that, but we seldom have the exact same one. After all, the idea of “going to your happy place” means something different to everyone even if the principle is the same. We all need to adopt strategies like that to help us cope with the ebb and flow of life though. There is no preventing things from getting stressful from time to time. All we can do is adapt. Despite many of the habits we can learn to help us stay collected being different on one level or another, there are still plenty of them that are more universal. Taking deep cleansing breathes can be good for almost everyone and helps to build towards a greater overall wellness. It just isn’t always obvious how this can actually help us when we’re in the moment when all we’ve ever heard is the advice to take them. Fortunately, we’re going to clear up just how those deep, cleansing breaths can help you right now.

Finding the Eye of the Storm
If you’re trying deep, cleansing breathes, you’re likely struggling with something in the moment and it is feeling more than a little beyond “too much”. Life may get this way sometimes, but this breathing exercise is a good way to help stave off the worst of things. You have to focus on breathing properly to help you actually take the deep, cleansing breathes in the first place. This helps your mind to step back and away from whatever problems are immediately in front of you while you work on a smaller, more immediate task. You benefit some from a quasi-mental isolation from your problems that lets you find an area of calm even if you were having trouble thinking beforehand. This island of calm will let you think about things a bit more clearly as your mind will stop racing around trying to solve a problem. With that kind of clarity, you may see an obvious solution, whether it fixes the problem stressing you out or not, that will help make the situation more bearable. Managing stress in this way will help keep your body from wearing itself out quickly.

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Soothing the Body
You probably already knew the mental effects of deep, cleansing breaths, but they’re directly connected to some physical benefits as well. That ordered breathing pattern you’re trying to create serves a purpose. It helps to slow and still the more erratic breathing patterns that begin to set in when you’re stressed. This can lead to lower oxygen levels in the blood that in turn cause your body to begin to have issues that exacerbate the problem. Those deep breaths also counter those lower oxygen levels to help tell the systems of your body that it is time to calm down. Stilling your mind through focus literally helps to still your body in the same way. Gradually lowering your stress levels allows other systems in your body to take a break too. You stop being in a similar mode to fight-or-flight as you reduce your stress. This stops the release of the stress hormones that are keeping your body running at top speeds to give you the means to “defend” yourself even if it is from something only in your mind. In the end, this will let your body release tension and stop feeding into your mind having troubles as well. The mind and the body are intimately linked in this fashion.

Taking The First Breath
Deep, cleansing breaths is a little bit vague given how ubiquitous the idea is in many cultures at this point. What you’re doing is technically an informal breathing exercise and a pattern to match can help you actually reach your goal rather than ending up thinking you can’t do it. The first thing you need to do is be in a comfortable spot so that you can rest and simply focus on your breathing. Try your favorite chair, a place away from others, or someplace that reminds you of better times. These will help ground you to a degree. Begin to breath through your nose and focus on how your chest and stomach physically expand as you breathe in. Many exercises recommend breathing in slowly to a count of three to five to give you time to think and let the air rest in your lung. You then begin to breathe out through your nose to the same count while being aware of your body still. The movement of your body and the focus on the ordered counts are what generally help to still both body and mind.

Deep, cleansing breaths aren’t really the joke that some people make them out to be for a laugh. They are a legitimate, if informal, form of breathing exercise that can help most of us cope with stress. The exercise does this by occupying our mind so it is hard to fixate on what is bothering us and by making our body act as if things are calmer and in turn influencing our mind to believe it. This interplay between mind and body makes deep, cleansing breaths something you can use when you’re having a rough time or whenever you feel the need to center yourself. You can even make them a central component of your wellness routine by using them to set aside time to simply be with yourself. In the end, you’ll be all the healthier for it.

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