Using Facial Cleaners to Beat Body Breakouts

Using Facial Cleaners to Beat Body Breakouts

While acne on the face may be frustrating enough to deal with, over half of those who suffer from facial acne also experience frequent body breakouts. Fortunately, rather than having to find a whole new range of products to tackle this, your facial cleanser should be able to do the job.

What Causes Body Breakouts?
Body acne is caused by exactly the same factors that trigger facial acne. This could be anything from excess oil production to trapped dead skin cells to the prolific growth of acne-causing bacteria to hormonal changes, and, with such a wide range of causes, figuring out exactly what is triggering body breakouts can be quite difficult.

Facial Cleansers
The skin on the face is much more sensitive than that on the body, meaning that while you should never use body cleaners on your facial skin, using facial cleansers on your body is absolutely safe. Since the causes of facial and body acne are the same, the cleanser that you use to target your facial acne will help to banish all of those body breakouts.

Key Ingredients
Acne-fighting products can be formulated with a number of ingredients, but there are a couple that have been proven to be especially effective. Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are both commonly used in acne cleansers, and are able to unclog pores, clear blemishes, and remove the excess oil that has built up on the skin. While both of them are fantastic at targeting breakouts, both on the face as well as on the body, salicylic acid should be the ingredient of choice if you mainly suffer from blackheads or large and inflamed spots, while benzoyl peroxide should be used if you are trying to eliminate whiteheads. However, since benzoyl peroxide has the potential to bleach any fabrics that it comes into contact with, you should be careful when using this on your body.

Continuous Usage
When it comes to products that contain ingredients such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, it is essential that they are used on a daily basis. Skipping out on just one day, even if by accident, will stop all of the effects of the product, causing your pores to clog back up and your acne to quickly return.

Other Ways to Prevent Body Acne
In addition to using a facial cleanser each and every day on your body acne, there are a number of other steps that you can take to reduce the amount of breakouts that you experience. Always keeping some cleansing wipes handy will be useful to quickly clean any areas of your skin that you know are covered in extra sweat or dirt, while keeping your bedroom at a comfortable temperature will help to keep your skin cool and dry.

Body breakouts can be quite challenging to deal with, but, as long as you are consistent in your care, you should be able to keep them largely under control. When it comes to choosing which facial cleanser to use on your body, it is always worth experimenting with a couple of different formulas, so that you can find one that is especially effective on the type of breakouts that you are trying to tackle.

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