Which Cleanser Should You Use During Winter?

Which Cleanser Should You Use During Winter?

Just like OROGOLD never stops reminding you to wear sunscreen in summer, we feel the need to continually stress the dangers that cold, dry air poses to your skin in winter. It isn’t just the fact that it could dry your skin out. Most of us deal with that happening occasionally and it is an annoyance for a little while, but then it stops. The problem is that dry skin in winter is hard to come back from because it is the environment itself that is causing the problem. If you fall behind, then you could end up fighting stubborn and potentially painful dry skin all winter. This also means the potential for lasting damage since you could end up never quite catching up to the dryness until spring. Many people use acid-based cleansers most of the time and this can contribute to the problem. As a result, we’ve put together an alternate list of cleansers for you to consider trying to avoid drying out your skin.

Oil Cleansers
You’ll probably want to avoid these if you have oily skin, but others may get a lot of use out of oil-based cleansers this winter. These cleansers sidestep the problem of acid-based cleansers by using skin friendly oils that don’t so much strip away your skin’s natural oils as they do help break up and clean away build up. Many of these are drawn from plant bases. It gives them a healthy natural origin that likely includes a number of nutrients all on its own that are capable of fortifying your skin at the same time they are cleaning it. We recommend looking for oil-based cleansers that are meant for dry skin. These will include extra moisturizing ingredients as well and will help keep your skin both moist and clean throughout the winter.

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Foaming Cleansers
People with oily skin should consider looking into foaming cleansers during the winter. Many of these utilize familiar ingredients, but tend to be less potent and kinder on the skin. The foaming agent helps distribute the ingredients in a more diffuse way that helps skip over some problems gel-like acid-based cleansers cause during the winter. OROGOLD does suggest that anyone with oily or acne prone skin make sure to look for a foaming cleanser specifically formulated to help deal with their skin type though. A standard foaming cleanser probably won’t be enough for your skin unless you do this. It isn’t due to ineffectiveness, but simply because these products are gentler by their nature. People with sensitive skin might also wish to consider this option as well as foaming cleansers require very little force to apply or remove in addition to being relatively easy to use for spot treatment.

Cream Cleansers
Those with dry skin know the particular troubles most people face in winter. Unfortunately, their problems only get worse at the same time that other people gain an understanding of what it means to have chronically dry skin. You should probably consider using a rich, cream cleanser during the winter months. Cream products possess more moisture than other options by their definition. The exact ingredient in the product will vary, but you will also want to focus on finding one that moisturizes to help deal with the extra load your skin care routine must deal with throughout the winter. Just be careful with the cleansing ingredients in any product you use. Strictly avoid acid or alcohol-based cleansers even if they’re creams. You don’t want to give the weather any extra help with hurting your skin.

No one needs to give up on cleaning their skin to avoid dry skin during winter. Selecting the right cleanser can even help support keeping your skin properly moisturized and healthy. OROGOLD’s suggestions are by no means your only options, but offer general categories for you to consider. If none of these seem right for you, talk to your dermatologist or esthetician about cleansing options best suited for your skin this winter.


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  1. 2
    Trish Clapper

    I use a little of all cleansers during the winter months. I am blessed to have normal skin, no real oily spots but do get a little dry around the nose during this time of year. By switching my cleansers up it seems to keep my skin in balance.

  2. 14

    Excellent advice. Many people know to change moisturizers during the winter, but not that they also need to change their cleanser as well. It’s so important to be mindful about what the change in weather does to your skin and how to effectively combat and forestall damage.

  3. 20

    Interesting article. I never even thought about the differences a foam cleanser brings to my skin, which is oily. I have sensitive skin, so one thing I learned early on is to avoid using soaps, which caused itchiness and breakouts when I was young. I do love foam cleansers on my face. Now that I am older, I need to go gentler. I now feel very blessed for the extra oil in my skin. It definitely helps keep the wrinkles at bay.

  4. 24
    Mary Beth Elderton

    I like a rich cream cleanser and moisturizer for Winter. I don’t know that I have “chronically” dry skin, but extra moisture in the Winter feels so much better.

  5. 26

    Im more into foaming cleansers, i have oily skin, although my skin was through some changes some past time. Just hate this mitesers, but i think im paying too much attention on them

  6. 28
    Dorothy Boucher

    I am loving what I learn here from Orogold, and what this product is able to do for ones skin, I would love to
    be able to try this product out, I know my skin is asking for help,,

  7. 30
    Myra B

    I had no idea that certain facial cleansers could dry skin out. I would love to try Orogold products. I have patchy dry shin in the winter and Orogold sounds like it could help with that

  8. 43

    Nice article, wish there was some linking to products that were recommended! I have super dry skin, and if I don’t stick to my routine religiously, I look like someone who was sun-burned realllly bad! What works for me is exfoliating, then washing with a non-foamin/lathering cream wash, and then a thin layer of super thick face cream, or anything that doesn’t irritate my face is great for me.

  9. 44
    Katie Burnette

    This was very informative. I’m new to having any kind of skin care regime and liked to be informed about what’s going with my face so I can be confident about it and comfortable.

  10. 45
    Kristi Burrows

    I am in my 40’s and was recently diagnosed with Acne, crazy I have never had a problem with my skin before. I believe that the OROGOLD Deep Peeling would be beneficial for this skin condition!

  11. 54
    Carla W.

    Thank you for all the information, Sometimes my skin can be very oily and other times it can be very dry. Wish it would make up it’s mind but at 56 I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon.

  12. 60
    Meredith Peters

    I have a very dry house in the winter because we have a woodstove so I use a lotion /cream cleanser on my body and lightly wash my face with a glycerin based or foamy cleanser and follow both with moisturizers.

  13. 62
    Nancy Reid

    I would love to try Orogold to help improved my dry sun damaged skin. Living in Florida takes it toll on skin and I’m sure I would benefit from the moisturizing therapy of Orogold

  14. 69
    Courtney Alcantara

    My skin dries up during winter, but it also becomes oily. It varies.. through climate changes, weather changes, season changes.. Definitely my skin has went through alot.. Your tips is a great help!

  15. 76
    Jamie Geer

    I recently tried one of your masks and I love it. The container had so much more facial clay/mud/mask in it than I was expecting. I can’t wait to try some more of your products.

  16. 82

    I have oily skin so I would use the foaming cleanser, I have tried using cleanser that not for my skin type big mistake. Learn what type of skin you have and use what appropriate for you.

  17. 105
    Amber Ludwig

    Omgosh do I wish i could use oil cleansers!! I have heard nothing but great things about them!! I have the worst combination skin so I try to avoid them as much as possible!! I exfoliate a lot around the year and it seems to help control my acne but the combination Im just stuck with I think lol!!

  18. 115
    Jesse LaPaire

    We talk so much about oily skin and how to get rid of it that I never even considered oil based cleanser a possibility for my skin. This post has been very helpful indeed! Thanks!

  19. 117
    Jamie Johnson

    I think Orogold raises the bar for all things beauty. Their skin care line is like no other in the world! They use real gold in their products, which as one would hope, has real benefits. Orogold can put the Midas touch in the palm of your hand or on your face.

  20. 123

    I, too, never thought about changing products with the seasons! I like to use “towelette” cleansers that have moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients… Would very much like to try the Orogold line of products- it really looks luxurious and special!

  21. 126
    Darla Peduzzi

    Thanks for the great information on which kind of moisturizers are best for each skin type. I hadn’t thought about it because it’s been rather warm here, but I am sure the cold weather and dry skin will soon be here.

  22. 129
    Laura-Lynn Raney

    I love orogold products! I have the deep peel mask and the nail kit, and have tried the day moisturizer and 24k facial serum. I would love to get a full bottle of the facial serum and the oil control kit as well! I had a demo done on my hands for the oil control face wash, and I absolutely LOVED it! I wish I had gotten it then, I couldn’t stop touching my hands after that!

  23. 133
    Gina N.

    I love foaming cleansers and use them year round. They really do work and help with unforeseen acne breakouts. My second favorite are definitely cream cleansers as they work great to moisturize. I am definitely intrigued to find out more about Orogold’s foaming and cream cleansers.

  24. 134

    Went to try orogold products today, and the staff allowed me to try the cleansers!! Really felt that my face was much smoother and brighter after using the cleanser. Super love it!

  25. 135
    Melanie Borhi

    Would love to try orogold products they sound like good quality and my one girlfriend has told me nothing but good things about this name brand. cant wait to try in future

  26. 137
    Kathleen Gereg

    Sesonal weather changes always contribute to the dryness factor of my skin. Even in a warmer climate the winter months have less humidity and I need a ‘creamier’ facial cleanser. I also use a mild toner for the final ‘rinse’.

  27. 141
    Ava Micheo

    It would be absolutely wonderful to be able to try these products that I would never be able to afford on my own. They would make me feel pampered, luxurious, and make me look luminous and radiant!

  28. 148

    Very informative Article! I have been using Cream Cleanser but learned that a Foaming Cleanser is probably better for my sensitive acne prone skin. thank you! What would you recommend for mature combination skin ?

  29. 150
    Nora Grahe

    Thank You for this information! I had not realized the depth of what dry skin damage that occurs and stays with you if you do not properly care for your skin in winter. I had always assumed if you get dry skin that it was not to great a problem and just continue to apply moisturizers to make it through but now I realize all the problems this way of thinking does serious harm! I am so grateful to Orogold educating me better on this issue, Thank You!

  30. 151
    Rachael B.

    I have very sensitive skin and eyes, and unfortunately a lot of moisturizing cleansers and products really give me problems, but a gentle foaming cleanser sounds just lovely! Thanks for the advice!

  31. 157

    I would love to try anything for my skin Right now I just don’t have the money to get the right stuff so I shop at the dollar store for things like this kind of stuff and it would be great to have the good stuff for once

  32. 159
    Vickie Kulp

    I use a face scrub about 3 days a week. I guess I should switch to a foaming cleanser or a cream. Both would probably be gentler on my face. I just feel like a gentle scrub gets more dirt, etc. but if it’s damaging my skin instead I would of course rather use a foam or cream.

  33. 173
    Margaret Primos

    I have dry skin so cream moisturizers are a must. I must say, I didn’t know after all these years that I should be avoiding alcohol cleaners. I hate to think I’ve been making the problem worse. Thanks for the info.

  34. 176
    Hillary G

    Thank you so much! I never would have thought about changing my cleanser due to the dry air of winter! Especially since I’m oily skinned! Can’t wait for winter to be over! Thanks again! Love Orogold’s products! Perfect for me!

  35. 193

    I was just introduced to Orogold, and love it!!! i can’t wait to see the results in a few months. After using it for two weeks, I already see the wrinkles disappearing!!! I have shared it with three friends who are now using it, and they are as thrilled as I am!!!!

  36. 225
    Christy DuBois

    One thing I do not have to worry about, or haven’t in my 47 years of living, is my skin on my face being dry. I have extremely oily skin that is difficult to manage because it is so oily. I am currently using a foaming cleanser and it is working good as far as I can tell. But thanks for this beneficial information.

  37. 244
    Alexis T

    Living in Minnesota, harsh weather along with dry skin is a reality. I’ve tried Orogold 24K Deep Day Moisturizer and thought it was fab – but I haven’t tried cleansers by Orogold yet. Perhaps oil based would be a good addition to my skin care regime.

  38. 247

    I can really appreciate the advice about foaming cleansers. My pores are horrid to look at, and my skin is a combination but mostly oily. I’ve never thought about using foaming cleansers before reading this. Everything makes perfect sense, especially the part about the soft ingredients and they diffuse more easily.

    Thanks so much!

  39. 251
    Stacy Giacosa-Bauer

    I use a foam cleanser and a scrub 2 or 3 days a week to exfoliate dead skin. Fabulous article! I never knew to switch cleansers and moisturizers in the winter. I will find a Rich Cream Cleanser for the Winter and read the ingredients before I purchase. I would love to try these wonderful Orogold products! Thank You for all the advice!

  40. 258
    Michelle Scarafiotti

    Orogold has the best of everything, their cleansing and skincare products are a must have. What I love about Orogold – they have something for all skin types. Their cleansing products and peels are very important to healthy looking skin. Starting my daily routine with a good cleanser is very important then ending my day with something that works through the night makes my skin very happy, with Orogold you get the best of both day and night care. I use the deep peeling product and cleanser every day, I won’t use anything else and I’ve tried many other brands. You also don’t need alot, a little goes a long way. I recommend Orogold to everyone, you can’t go wrong with this product, it’s perfection in a bottle.

  41. 260
    Mary Songer

    I have been staying away from oil cleansers because I didn’t think they would clean my skin but after reading this I’m going to try one. My skin is very dry. Orogold provides great information and I always learn something from their articles.

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