Your Skin’s Love / Hate Relationship with Makeup Wipes

Your Skin’s Love / Hate Relationship with Makeup Wipes

Makeup sits at an interesting place in many people’s lives. It is incredibly useful refining and enhancing our appearances to help us look like the best versions of ourselves. There’s no denying that when any celebrity alive could tell you that. However, the catch in that is that many women feel compelled to use makeup as well. There’s a strong cultural push to always look one’s “best” even if it isn’t necessarily how one wants to look. Fortunately, we keep moving closer to a world where this isn’t as much of an issue anymore. What will remains are the issues connected with the use of makeup. We have to remove it somehow after we’ve worn it no matter our feelings about the makeup itself. Makeup wipes are really good for this task as they’re formulated to do just that. The problem is that your skin has a love/ hate relationship with them most of the time. Let’s take a closer look at why.

The Bad
Your skin can end up hating your makeup wipes because not all formulas are created equally. Unfortunately, some people persist in using harsher compounds, sometimes alcohol, as part of the compound in the wipes to help remove the makeup. This tends to put undue strain on the skin in a number of ways, but the most prevalent is frequently in the fact that they can dry out the skin. Facial skin is among the most sensitive on the body and isn’t as capable at shrugging off even temporary irritation. That’s generally why people try to make facial products a bit gentler by comparison to the products used on the body. Low quality formulas in some makeup wipes entirely ignore this principle at times and the generalized irritation paired with dry skin can lead to issue such as a reflexive production of excess oil and localized soreness. Despite this, there are pronounced benefits to using the wipes.

The Good
Taking proper care of your skin is a difficult proposition already. You have to factor in the extremes of seasonal weather at the same time that you’re balancing your own skin’s shifting needs. Learning to do all that can be hard enough without adding in other factors. Makeup wipes are the key to keeping things relatively consistent by helping you to properly remove all of your makeup. They break down the compounds in them to provide a thorough cleaning of the area that then allows you skin to go on as if there was nothing out of the ordinary. Using wipes helps to minimize the number of breakouts you experience from less than thorough cleaning after wearing makeup. Additionally, it prevents another form of dry skin from your skin being kept out of contact with the air and other sources of moisture for too long. In general, wipes are earnestly a good option for everyone if you don’t cleanse at night and potentially even if you do for the extra layer of assurance.

Facial wipe
Splitting the Difference
This two-sided reputation stems for a very real issue in makeup wipes and in those who use them. As we highlighted earlier, not all the formulas for wipes are as gentle on the skin as we’d like. Most of the time you can figure this out by looking at the ingredients involved in the compound on the wipes though. You will want to strictly avoid anything that tells you that it is using alcohol in it if you want to keep your skin happy. Instead you want to put in the effort and find a wipe formula that used oil or water depending on your skin type. Anyone with oily skin is likely to want to find a wipe formula that uses a water-based formula to help avoid issues. Everyone else will want to make sure to find one that offers an oil-based wipe. These are quite good at helping to remove makeup while remaining gentle on the skin. That’s really all you need to do to keep your skin on “love” side of the love/ hate relationship.

Makeup wipes are perfect for those of us whose lives are a little too busy for our own good. They offer a way to effectively remove makeup without necessarily needing to do a full cleanse that very night if we’re tired. We simply need to make the effort to ensure we use only good quality wipes to keep them useful. Lower quality options may be a quick grab if you lack the time to find proper ones, but they can potentially make it a little harder on your skin. For the sake of your skin, try to make the time to ensure you get decent quality makeup wipes.

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