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Deep peeling products are an exciting way of exfoliating your skin. We often look for products that pamper our senses and care for our skin at the same time, and this desire for luxurious and effective treatments takes us on a never-ending hunt for the right skin care products. Luckily, we have it easy when it comes to exfoliation, for most of us agree that at-home deep peels are perhaps the most luxurious ways of exfoliating the skin! OROGOLD Cosmetics offers a range of deep peeling products, with each product designed to work for different types of skin and different skin issues. Find out more about our deep peeling products here.

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Importance of Deep Peeling




Importance of

Deep Peeling

People have been using all sorts of ingredients and products to exfoliate their skin for centuries. Ancient Egyptians made the process of skin exfoliation famous, exfoliation even found a place in skin care during the Middle Ages. Modern day solutions may have made it easier for us to exfoliate our skin, but the concept of exfoliation still remains the same. Exfoliation is essential because our skin sheds millions of cells on a daily basis, and many of these cells remain stuck to the outermost layer of skin, thereby becoming the main culprits behind dull looking skin. Exfoliating skin allows us to get rid those stubborn dead cells and other skin build up, revealing beautiful looks all over again.

What is deep peeling exactly?