Are You Ignoring Your Hairline?

Are You Ignoring Your Hairline?

Skin issues that occur around the hairline are extremely common, usually because this area is often neglected. While you may take great pains in caring for the skin on your face, as well as keeping your hair healthy and glossy, you need to also ensure that your hairline does not go unnoticed, and receives the care and nourishment that it needs.

When using a cleanser on the face, it is all too easy to avoid applying the product to the hairline, as this can often interfere with an expensive blowout. However, doing so means that dead skin cells, oil and bacteria will quickly build up in this area, and it will not be long before this results in a number of different problems, from dry and flaky skin to acne. To avoid the cleanser coming into contact with your hair, simply wear a thick headband before cleansing, or use a soft scarf to keep your hair back. In addition to cleansing your hairline on a daily basis, you must also apply some cleanser each time you have used a shampoo, conditioner or hair styling product, as the residue from these can often build up on the skin of the hairline, causing inflamed breakouts and sensitive skin.

In addition to coming into contact with the same contaminants each day that your face does, your hairline also experiences the transfer of oils and bacteria from your hair, meaning that regular exfoliation is absolutely necessary, even if you are cleansing your hairline every day. If you manually exfoliate your face, then you can simply extend this up to your hairline, using the same product. Alternatively, if you wanted to give your hairline some extra care, you could apply a chemical exfoliant along it, one in the form of a cream, so that you can be accurate with your application.

Nourish and Moisturize
Just like the rest of your skin, your hairline needs to be nourished and moisturized, but this often does not end up happening. Since it is so easy for pores to become clogged here, the thicker moisturizers that you use on your face may be too rich for your hairline, and it could be worth trying a lighter hydrating lotion here instead. If you want to encourage growth in this area, then stay away from products containing chemicals, and try to seek out natural products that are formulated with herbs and oils, preferably ones that are known to encourage hair growth.

Since your hairline experiences quite a bit of stress, as it receives the same daily wear and tear as the face, plus more from the hair, as well as from the different hairstyles it may be pulled into, this is an area of your skin that really needs some extra care. If you have always neglected this area, now is the time to change this, beginning with a cleanser immediately, so that you can start to clean away some of the build up that will likely be found in this area.

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