Best Exfoliators for You

Best Exfoliators for You

The universal truth of skin care is that you need to match a product to your skin type if you’re going to get the most out of it. This is true for every product whether it is a cleanser, moisturizer, or even another product. One area where this is important is picking the right exfoliator. OROGOLD has touched on the dangers of exfoliating too much before. These happen from either using the right product too often or using the exact wrong product for your skin type. This can result in needing to use extra force or, in the case of sensitive skin, in the product being far too rough for your skin. In the hopes of helping you to avoid these problems, we’ve created a short list to give you a quick idea of what kinds of exfoliators to look for when picking the right one for your skin.

Acne-prone, oily skin is one of the skin types that causes the most problems. You need to walk away very quickly from any rough, physical scrubs. These can actually cause damage to the skin that leads to the breakout getting worse than it would normally. Instead, you need to consider using chemical exfoliators. Look for products using alpha hydroxy acids when trying to find a good exfoliator. These are lighter and may be best for anyone with oily skin that is on the near side of the bell curve away from the oiliest of oily skin. When you hit the middle of the curve or go beyond, stick to salicylic acid. This is a beta hydroxy acid and more potent than its alpha hydroxy acid relatives. It will cut through the oil of your skin to break it up and help loosen and dissolve dead skin cells as well. Just follow the instructions on the product and keep a close eye on your skin as chemical exfoliators require a little extra attention to ensure your skin doesn’t dry out after their use.

Combination to Normal
These skin types have a wider range of selections than oily. You still want to use a chemical exfoliator during a breakout, but you can use physical scrubs outside of one. These are actually the most common exfoliating products on the market. You’ve likely seen everything from natural to synthetic variations on the products. The thing that makes these products what they are is that there is a rough grain material within the primary product that works alongside the cream to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. OROGOLD recommends favoring products using natural ingredients as they often include some oils and nutrients from the ingredients. These offer an extra way to infuse the skin with beneficial compounds to improve skin health without you necessarily needing to eat something you don’t enjoy purely for benefiting your skin.

Sensitive Skin
This skin type often encounters a number of issues with standard exfoliators. The potential harshness of some chemical exfoliators makes products of lower quality something to avoid. Similarly, the rough edges of a normal physical scrub end up causing more harm to the skin than they will to other kinds. You don’t have to worry about not being able to exfoliate though even if you have sensitive skin. Look for lower concentration chemical exfoliators if you need them, but ideally you should opt for powder exfoliators. These are the truly fine-grained physical exfoliating products. Their finer grain makes them much less likely to cause harm to sensitive skin without giving up all of the benefits of a physical scrub. You should discuss product choices with an esthetician or dermatologist when you have sensitive skin though. This will help you get the best results without experimentation harming your skin in the process.

Exfoliation isn’t something you can entirely afford to skip in a skin care routine. Missing a few times on vacation is to be expected, but it is the constant routine over time to keeps your skin happy and healthy. Any breaks should be minimal and to let your skin rest. OROGOLD must stress the need to follow the tips above to find the right exfoliator though. Finding the right kind to use will eliminate a lot of trial and error and help you improve your skin care routine faster.

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