Body Scrubs & Cellulite

Body Scrubs & Cellulite

Cellulite is an annoying problem that most of us will have to confront at one point or another. It isn’t a sign that you’ve taken poor care of your body, it isn’t a sign of bad health, and it isn’t anything to be ashamed of for having. However, none of this makes anyone more comfortable with cellulite given how it looks. The dimpled skin just seems like another sign of aging working against us trying to look our best. There are ways to treat the problem available to anyone living a healthy lifestyle, but many people look towards a simpler solution. A commonly proposed way to help is some form of body scrub to essentially stimulate the skin and help purify it in some way. We’re going to turn our eye towards cellulite and its treatment this time so that you can be clearly informed on how to approach the problem and what does and does not work.

What Is Cellulite?
Most of us are used to a hand-waving explanation that cellulite is simply fat. It is somewhat true, but cellulite is a bit more complex than simply being fat. In essence, it is fat being shaped by how your skin is connected beneath the surface. The deposited fat generally lies neatly within the structures, but occasionally it becomes misplaced and begins to build up in areas that it isn’t meant to and bulges outward in an unexpected way. Cellulite is a combination of fat and the natural process of depositing it not quite being enough to hold it where it needs to and the subsequent visual signs. It is particularly common for people with thinner skin and as a result, this is why the majority of women eventually have to deal with cellulite in one way or another.

Body Scrubs?
A pernicious problem is skin care is people stopping to blame everything they can on nebulous “toxins”. This is particularly true when it comes to people suggesting body scrubs or dry brushing as a way to deal with cellulite. The generally suggested principles involve the blood flow both induce being healthy for the skin and that the vigorous action of both somehow help draw out and expel toxins from the skin. Only the first half of these beliefs is actually true. You should try to keep in mind that your skin does not have a function for expelling poisons or toxins of any kind. It has multiple barriers to protect your insides, but once something is inside the skin isn’t going to be able to remove it. If the skin catches something in the outer, dead layers of skin, then it will naturally shed over time. Otherwise, your kidneys and liver will help you deal with things. Cellulite is not due to unnamed toxins. It is caused by a complex combination of hormones, genetics, and other health factors. In short, cellulite is caused by life.

Actual Treatment
There aren’t very many useful treatments for cellulite. The results of many of them are at best temporary and buy at most a few days worth of reduction in the appearance of cellulite. It is still there. You can’t actually cure it easily. This is understandably disheartening, but consider that many supposed treatments work by causing the skin to swell to hide the cellulite. Swelling is a form of inflammation and chronic inflammation causes damage to the skin. It is far better to know the truth and avoid harming your skin over the long term. There are some supervised treatments that are beginning to show promise for long-term solutions, but nothing has become an industry standard as yet. Your best bet is to consult with your dermatologist about your options and go forward from there.

Looking for a simple way to solve a complex problem is very human. Cellulite is just too complex a combination of potential factors for a cure to be easy. This is doubly true for a cure as simple as using a particular body scrub routinely. While many people promoting this approach have good intentions, there are also plenty of them looking to take advantage of a gullible or desperate public. You might want to keep in mind that it is always best to do the research before trying a seemingly off-the-wall idea for skin care.

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