Brightening Skin

Brightening Skin

Skin discolorations are relatively common conditions that people seek to treat. They take a variety of forms and are typically relatively benign issues to treat. OROGOLD does recommend consulting with a dermatologist about any spots on your skin that seem to get too dark or spontaneously get too light though as those could be symptoms of potentially dangerous skin conditions. Discolorations happen for a lot of reasons beyond skin conditions though. Sun damage, genetics, and even age all factor into the tones of our skin. Fair-skinned people often experience the most noticeable shifts in tone from all sources and this leads some to seek ways to try to fix the change or cover up already existing discolorations like freckles. The skin care industry has plenty of options to offer for brightening your skin.

Chemical Exfoliants
While exfoliants aren’t technically meant to be used as skin brightening agents, they can easily be used for that in many cases. The potency of the exfoliant is often the primary aspect of a product that affects whether it can lighten skin. A chemical exfoliant works better than a physical one as it can penetrate the skin and reach deeper layers than its peers. This deeper clean takes away more levels of skin and is more likely to cause any discoloration to fade at least a little. Chemically exfoliating also helps clean your skin thoroughly and prepares it for the use of other products. Adding both a chemical exfoliant to your skin care routine and a marketed brightening agent makes for an effective combination thanks to this aspect.

Deep Peel
You can also go one step above a standard chemical exfoliant and ask a dermatologist about a medically supervised deep peel. These procedures use concentrations of chemical exfoliants like alpha hydroxy acids and salicylic acid in higher concentration thank over-the-counter products can provide. Each deep peel solution is its own mix of ingredient designed to provide the best outcome for a client. There are potentially even some specifically for brightening skin. Skin brightening is also a common effect of the more potent deep peeling treatments simply due to the ingredients involved. OROGOLD suggests considering this option if you want a quicker and broader brightening effect than you’re likely to get from standard chemical exfoliants. Do remember to follow any instructions your dermatologist gives you after such a procedure though as your skin will be much more sensitive to both the sun and other sources of damage immediately following treatment.

Trust in Vitamin C
Vitamin C comes in several forms, but the one we use the most in skin care is ascorbic acid. It mixes well into compounds and has decent topical penetration when used. It has some benefits of AHAs and salicylic acid as it can help clean and potentially brighten the skin like the others. These specific effects are less than the others though. Vitamin C makes up for this in other ways though as it is a skin supporting compound. It contributes to revitalizing your skin both inside and out by encouraging things like collagen and elastin production in the skin. Applying products using it properly can also result in a boost to circulation. If you’re properly exfoliating, the combination of all these traits will make your skin appear less dull due to a decrease in dead skin and reveal the naturally brighter and beautiful skin beneath it. Supporting it properly with Vitamin C will only increase these effects.

Skin discoloration is, in many ways, an inevitable part of skin care. Everyone eventually gets a few spots or their skin darkens or fades slightly due to age. Inevitable does not mean you can’t do anything about it though. OROGOLD encourages you to try our suggestions and see if they help brighten your skin. Most people should be able to get some effect from the options, but the total effect will vary depending on skin type and age. Just remember to do your best to take care of your skin and remember to wear your sunscreen.

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