Common Exfoliating Mistakes

Common Exfoliating Mistakes

Exfoliating is one of the healthiest things that you can do for your skin. It improves your skin’s texture, tone, and even helps with product absorption in many cases. This is why people bring it up in every discussion of skin care. No one wants to miss out on keeping their skin as healthy and beautiful as they can. There is a problem with exfoliation though. A lot of people aren’t aware that you can make mistakes when exfoliating that might hurt your skin. OROGOLD would like to cover a few common mistakes that people make when exfoliating and ideas on what to do to fix the problem. This should help you get all the benefits without hurting your skin in the process.

Size Does Matter
Think about what you know of exfoliating products. You have the chemical exfoliants that use hydroxy acids and other ingredients to help break down grime and separate dead skin cells from the healthy layers of skin, but you also have physical exfoliants. These are what most people think of when discussing exfoliation. These are the scrubs with beads, sugar or salt crystals, or natural substances that directly rub away the unwanted debris from your skin. One of the most important things to remember is to scale how large the exfoliant’s grain is depending on the sensitivity of the skin you’re exfoliating. For instance, most sugar scrubs use larger sugar crystals that you can very clearly see. These are best to use on your body as the skin is tougher than your face. If you used such a scrub on your face, you would be putting countless tiny cuts on the healthy skin beneath the dead skin due to the roughness of the scrub. A body scrub is not meant for the face and a facial scrub is likely too gentle for the body. Read your products carefully and use them appropriately.

Hydrate Your Skin
Some people attempt to apply exfoliants directly without getting their skin wet. This isn’t a good idea for a couple of reasons. Most of the time this is going to make it harder to spread and rub an exfoliant over your skin. You’ll need to press harder. This in turn increases the chance of hurting your skin or pulling it in ways you don’t want to for the sake of your skin. However, OROGOLD believes the most important point is that hydrating your skin helps prepare your skin for being exfoliated. Your skin needs moisture as it helps it look and feel healthy. Your skin even becomes more resistant to damage from being hydrated. Some exfoliants, like the previously mentioned sugar scrub, are also softened with water. This makes them kinder on the skin while still doing their job. So always remember to either bathe or rinse your face before you exfoliate.

Have a Little Patience
The various benefits of exfoliating make it an attractive step to add to your daily skin care routine. Some people find it a bit too attractive though and end up overdoing it. Remember that exfoliating removes the dead upper layers of skin cells to reveal the healthier, living skin beneath them. Exfoliating too often means that you’ll be trying to exfoliate this healthy skin and damaging it. This will hurt the naturally healthy glow of your skin and can lead to longer term damage if you’re not careful. Most people will need to exfoliate twice a week at most. There are exceptions to the rule, but this is typically for people with sensitive skin. Your main guidelines here are to pay attention to how your skin reacts to exfoliation. If it begins to hurt or leave your skin overly red afterward, then that’s a sign you’re exfoliating too often.

Don’t feel bad if you’ve made any of these mistakes. The truth is that everyone ends up making them now and again. Some days you just don’t have time so maybe you used the body scrub to exfoliate your face while you bathe or maybe you quickly grab for your favorite exfoliating product, but forget to wet your face because you’re already late. A new product is just too appealing sometimes and maybe you end up using it once too many times. These are all understandable. OROGOLD wants to assure you that a mistake now and then isn’t going to be the death of your skin. Just take care to ensure that these little mistakes don’t end up as bad habits.

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