Common Peel Misconceptions

Common Peel Misconceptions

Chemical peels are a skin care option that not everyone tries. To be fair, peels do sometimes have a negative reputation depending on who you ask. These are generally from people not reading the instructions fully on over-the-counter peel products or having a peel done by someone other than a trained professional though. Peels are simply a slightly more potent form of chemically exfoliating the skin. Your results will generally depend on the potency of the peel you pick rather than just using a peel. To help you ease your nerves or those of a friend, OROGOLD has pulled together a few of the common misconceptions that people have about peels to try to answer them clearly. This way you have all the facts the next time you’re considering a peel.

Misconception #1: Chemical peels will always damage my skin
A chemical peel, as with any product or procedure, does always include the chance of damaging skin, but this chance is very small as long as the product is being used correctly or the procedure is done by a trained professional. Never get a deep chemical peel from anyone who has not been trained. Other possible issues are over an unexpected topical allergic reaction to ingredients in a peel. Most of the time you will have encountered these reactions through products using less potent forms of the ingredients and can discuss them with a professional. Similarly, if you’re using an over-the-counter peeling product you can talk to a professional if you notice your skin is having a bad reaction to an ingredient. When you handle peels properly, your skin will benefit from a peel. You should be aware that there is a slight skin bleaching effect that increases in power as the potency of medically supervised peels does.

Misconception #2: I only need to have one peel to fix everything I don’t like about my skin
A single medically supervised peel can have very obvious effects, but it will not permanently fix or remove all skin issues you may have. OROGOLD would like you to think about how exfoliating your skin works in general. You repeatedly remove layers of dead skin and boost the health of your skin through other ingredients in an exfoliating product. This has to be done repeatedly to get and maintain as much of the effect as possible. Peels are simply a stronger form of chemical exfoliation. You will need to have more than one treatment to get the most out of them, but you won’t need a peel nearly as often as you need to exfoliate normally. Another thing to remember is that any peel, medically supervised or otherwise, will leave your skin more sensitive to sun damage in the time immediately after using it. Basically, remember to wear sunscreen after you use an at-home product as a professional supervising a peel will tell you how to be careful before or after the procedure.

Misconception #3: Peels are for everyone
In some ways, peels are for everyone, but in other ways they aren’t. Most anyone can benefit from a peel for reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and lightening skin discolorations. There are certain skin and medical conditions that make it ill-advised to get a peel though. These are part of why medically-supervised peels are supervised. A professional can tell you when your skin won’t take a powerful peel well or if there are risks you hadn’t thought about before that can damage your skin. Additionally, the general benefits are good, but people with problem skin can get a bit more out of a peel than most. This doesn’t mean peels are just for them. It just means they may see more dramatic improvements after a peel than people with less problematic skin will. Most over-the-counter peels will be just fine for everyone though.

Most people use a chemical exfoliator at one time or another in their lifetime due to oily skin or acne problems. A chemical peel shouldn’t be any more intimidating than picking up an acne wash or similar product as a result. It is often just the name and other people’s mistakes that make them a little intimidating. OROGOLD encourages you to use quality over-the-counter products like our own 24K Deep Peeling product if you wish to try an at home peel and to avoid lower quality products to keep your skin healthy. Always seek out a professional if you want a truly potent peel though to ensure that you get the best results possible. A little thought and care will see your skin brighter and more beautiful than you thought possible.

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