Exfoliate for More Beautiful Lips

Exfoliate for More Beautiful Lips

Few people with a skin care routine ever fail to see how useful exfoliation is for skin. The benefits are readily visible after you incorporate it. Not everyone pauses to consider that the same benefits extended to all of your skin. As a result, lips tend to be somewhat ignored when they aren’t have a stain or a lipstick applied. OROGOLD thinks you can do better than those people. All the benefits of exfoliating your lips are waiting to be claimed. We’ll discuss the exact benefits and ways to exfoliate your lips so that you have a better idea on this sometimes skipped part of a routine. Just remember, as with all exfoliation, don’t overdo it or your lips will suffer for it.

Why Bother?
The last time most people thought about their lips was likely when applying a balm to avoid them drying out. Your lips need care too though. It is a strange state of affairs when people are willing to moisturize their lips when they dry out, but aren’t willing to exfoliate them to clear away dead skin. They build up as much as the rest of your skin. The main benefit is that you don’t have to worry much about oil buildup like you do with the rest of your skin. Lips don’t really generate as much. This is why you find yourself applying balm or licking your lips more often than you’d like. You do need to clear away all the skin cells and products you apply to them though. This will expose newer, cleaner skin beneath as well as promoting healthy circulation.

The Benefits of Exfoliation
For starters, that healthy circulation will improve the nature color of your lips and help them stand out a bit more without any aid. Clearing away the dead skin makes them less dull. Removing those layers likewise opens your lips up to better receive any staining or care product as well. Less is between the product and your lips. If you haven’t been exfoliating your lips routinely, then you may notice that stain stays a bit more effectively after you start. Not opting for stain is also a fair choice. With the beauty industry tending towards natural looks, you can easily emphasize your lips with a nice, moisturizing lip shine instead. This will help protect and fortify your lips as well as highlighting their nature shade. Shine may not look quite as natural as just a balm, but the result can be charming in its own right.

How to Exfoliate Your Lips
Exfoliating your lips comes down to similar options to exfoliating the rest of your skin. These do tend to be gentler due to the sensitivity of your lips though. Fine grain sugar is a common physical exfoliator found in lip exfoliating products for instance as opposed to the coarser grain sugar in body and face scrubs. Some companies favor using crushed natural ingredients in their own oils for lip exfoliating products as these can exfoliate and moisturize in one go. There are chemical exfoliating products despite all of this. Looking for alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic and citric acid are good choices as they are less harsh than products using salicylic acid. You can even use your toothbrush if you’re traveling and forget your chosen product at home.

Lip exfoliation isn’t new to beauty, but it often gets forgotten or discarded as being “too much”. OROGOLD doesn’t understand this mentality as it takes little to no time at all to exfoliate your lips. The results tend to be obvious for anyone who hasn’t tried doing so before. So why not try exfoliating your lips? It will help you in your ongoing quest to look like the best version of yourself possible.

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