Exfoliate for Softer Lips

Exfoliate for Softer Lips

Exfoliating has always had a place in skin care. Cultures with long histories of skin care still have preserved recipes or recommended items that are useful for just that. You, being a modern person, also know the benefits. Your skin is healthy, looks better, and is even softer if you maintain a regular exfoliation schedule. The same is true of your lips if you take the time to exfoliate them. OROGOLD would like to highlight the ways this works and some side-benefits of exfoliating your lips as well. This will hopefully encourage you to consider exfoliating your lips as the seasons change. This can only help with your overall skin care routine.

Removing Dead Skin Cells
Your lips don’t have to as much with the oils the rest of your skin does, but they do dry out relatively easily. This encourages the skin cells to dry out and die. As a result, your lips build up a layer of dead cells at a higher rate than the rest of your face. You can see this if you avoid lip care for a few days. You’ll start off with your relatively healthy looking lips, but within a few days the natural shine will become duller and duller. It isn’t as noticeable as the rest of the skin as people use lipsticks and stains routinely, but it does happen. Helping clear away those dead cells restores the natural shine and color of your lips to greater prominence.

Circulating Beauty
Part of what helps bring out the color of your lips is the removal of dead skin cells, but there is another. If you’ll remember that most skin care routines recommend using small, upwards pulling circles when you’re applying product to your face. This is to massage the face and help boost circulation to help your skin’s health and improve its natural appearance. The same principles apply to your lips. Exfoliating is particularly good for increasing the circulation in your lips and slightly increasing their natural plumpness through blood flow while giving it a slight boost in color. OROGOLD recommends exfoliating your lips for this reason especially. It is a good technique when you’re experimenting with the no-makeup trend in makeup as then a simple moisturizing shine can protect your lips and provide an extra level of beauty.

A Clean Slate
Keeping your lips exfoliated further offers the same benefits as exfoliating does for the rest of your skin: a clean base for your other products. There is an incredible benefit to applying products to a clean area as opposed to a cluttered one. The products go on cleaner and get absorbed easier. You’re also less likely to have adverse skin conditions when you keep your skin clean like that. Similarly, your lips will take stains and care products far easier if you’re exfoliating regularly. That will leave no dead skin cells or other products in the way. You’ll get the best color and care out of your other products by doing this. Care is the best part though as an appropriate moisturizing routine combined with regular exfoliation will promote your lips being softer than you ever thought they could be.

People underestimate the benefits of exfoliating their lips routinely and as a result it gets neglected. OROGOLD admits that the results are not always as visibly obvious thanks to the common use of makeup on the lips, but that isn’t an excuse not to care for all of your skin. Caring for your skin keeps it healthy and better able to respond to any source of damage. So consider adopting lip exfoliation into your now skin care routine. Not everyone may see the results, but you’ll definitely feel them.

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