Exfoliating for Soft Lips

Exfoliating for Soft Lips

Keeping your skin looking youthful and beautiful is a task you probably take seriously. It requires a certain level of dedication and a willingness to learn and listen to new ideas as they come along. You already know to exfoliate your skin routinely, but some people miss their lips. Dry skin, balm, and other things build up on your lips over time and cause your lips to lose their nature luster. This is what makes making sure to exfoliate your lips important enough that OROGOLD keeps stressing it. Here are a few ideas on how to make the most of exfoliating your lips and how to go about the process. You do need to be careful when you exfoliate your lips simply because the skin of your lips is so much softer than the rest of your skin.

Select a Good Product
You can easily use something as simple as your toothbrush to exfoliate your lips in a pinch, but this isn’t the best option available to you. There are plenty of products available on the market that are designed explicitly to exfoliate your lips. They range from powders to fine scrubs all designed with gentle yet effective exfoliation in mind. Most of them shy away from ingredients sometimes found in other exfoliating products that you genuinely don’t want near your lips. These specialized products typically come in smaller packaging that you can carry with you to refresh your lips as needed. This is a bit more important if your skin is prone to drying quickly in drier weather. The right product will make all the difference in boosting the health of your lips though.

Exfoliate Intelligently
Part of the benefit in the easily carryable sizes of most of these products is that you can touch up if you need to, but you shouldn’t over-exfoliate. They are there to help remove certain products and help with dry skin. OROGOLD suggests you keep a close eye on your lips when you begin using an exfoliating product. Your lips will react just as readily as the rest of your skin to exfoliation. You want a healthy, clear look as opposed to a duller one. If your lips start feeling overly sensitive, then you’re exfoliating them more than you should. Try experimenting with any new product to see what your lips can tolerate before you commit to exfoliate your lips a particular amount of times per week. Exfoliating will make your lips softer, but over-exfoliating can end up doing the opposite.

Woman applying lip balm.

Remember to Follow with a Balm
The same rules apply to exfoliating your lips as apply to the rest of your skin. Once you’ve exfoliating, apply a moisturizer to seal in moisture and help protect your lips from further outside influence. You can naturally adjust this depending upon your makeup habits, but you do want something to help seal your lips after exfoliating. Protecting them is particularly vital given how much more sensitive they are compared to the rest of your face. Ideally, find a good quality balm with UV protection to apply on days you’ve exfoliated your lips. This will provide two layers of protection while the newer skin adjusts to being exposed to the world. You can be a little more flexible on days you haven’t exfoliated your lips.

These are only a few quick rules to consider when you’re trying to get your lips to feel softer. Exfoliation is good for all of your skin, but always remember you need to be responsible in your skin care routine habits. Additionally, OROGOLD suggests being alert whenever your are trying new products just to ensure you don’t have a topical reaction to a new product that you miss. It is better to notice early than do continual harm to your skin. Do try exfoliating your lips though as you’ll find they’re both softer and healthier within a couple of weeks.

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