Exfoliating Lips

Exfoliating Lips

Your lips help communicate a lot about you. When they turn up in a smile, people know you’re having a good time. A wry quirk upwards lets people know you’re amused, but you’re refusing to let it turn into a full smile. The color you wear on your lips helps to draw out your eyes or draw the attention of people from across the room simply by dramatic color choice. Your lips do all these things for you and more depending on the situation. OROGOLD thinks this means you owe your lips a bit of love just like the rest of your skin. They are among the thinnest parts of skin on your face and, as a result, need special attention as this makes them sensitive. One of the best ways you can give your lips proper care is to exfoliate them.

Careful Care
The main thing to remember when you first start trying to exfoliate your lips is that your lips are sensitive. Your skin is the thinnest around your eyes and lips. This makes both areas particularly susceptible to damage from various sources. Ideally, you should find a gentle product specifically designed with your lips in mind. This will provide a careful balance between effectiveness and gentleness. You could hypothetically use any non-toxic scrub, but large grains tend to leave tiny cuts and scrapes on the lips that in turn need to heal. This contributes to a duller and less healthy look. It is best to use a product as a result. You can, in a pinch, use a gentle toothbrush to the same effect if you forget your product, but we caution against using this method routinely. Toothbrushes were not designed to exfoliate lips and doing so could damage your lips over the long run.

A Healthy Smile
One of the major benefits to exfoliating your lips is that it removes the upper layer of dead skin. This is true of all forms of exfoliation. You may consider this a bit less vital since lips “Don’t get acne”, but this is somewhat flawed reasoning. Most of us have woken up in the morning and found our lips flaking from dry air at one point or another. It doesn’t take much for the dead layers of skin on the lips to become apparent. For this reason, OROGOLD recommends you try to exfoliate your lips a few times a week like you do the rest of your face. You should stay aware of your lip like you do the rest of your skin though and remember to be gentle. The idea is to remove only the outer layers of dead skin and not to scratch the healthier skin below.

A Natural Glow
Exfoliating your lips will likewise increase the circulation in your lips. This helps draw out their natural color and emphasizes it. Your lips will look healthier for a little while after your exfoliate in addition to the restoration of a natural sheen. This makes exfoliating your lips a particularly useful trick right now thanks to the current trends towards nude makeup. All you’ll need after exfoliating your lips is a protective balm or light cover that helps protect your lips without overwriting their natural color. You can combine this with a little subtle makeup use to highlight your natural beauty in such a way that no one will think twice. Don’t forget to clean off your lips like you would of any other product though just so that the product doesn’t dry and flake in the night or worse…smear on a pillowcase.

Exfoliating your lips should be part of your standard skin care routine. It doesn’t have to be something that you do constantly, but getting into the habit will boost your lip’s overall appearance. Skin care is all about paying attention to the little details and doing your best to refine your natural looks. OROGOLD hopes that you’re convinced on what exfoliating your lips can do for you. Just remember that you should try to find a product that protects your lips from the sun as well for the next time you’re going to be outside for a while.

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