Festive Scrub Ingredients to Try

Festive Scrub Ingredients to Try

The holidays bring a certain joy to life in most people. We end up wanting to see the various signs for the seasons scattered about our lives. Music and scents need to wind through the air and recall cherished memories of seasons gone by. They spirit of the holiday season is a powerful thing and sometimes you want to be as festive as possible. The good news is that plenty of companies put out holiday themed products for you to try. This is especially true for scrubs and other routinely used skin care products. OROGOLD has put together a quick list of some of the ingredients either useful or fragrant that you might want to look for in your scrubs over the holidays. Not only will your skin be happy, but you’ll smell just right for the time of year.

Cinnamon scrub.

As one of the eternal holiday spices, cinnamon enjoys an intimate association with the season in most people’s memories. Be it from cookies, sweetly prepared carrots, or some other dish, cinnamon seems to be omnipresent from Thanksgiving onward. It makes for a nice ingredient in any scrubs you may find as well. Cinnamon acts as a gentle exfoliant when used topically. The individual pieces are just gritty enough to help take away dead skin cells, but that isn’t the total benefit of cinnamon. Some have reported that cinnamon may have a slight antibacterial property to it as well. This makes it a particularly fragrant and useful ingredient for anyone fighting acne brought on by the stress of the holidays. Cinnamon may be just the ingredient you want to find in a festive scrub.

Brown Sugar
You’re probably used to seeing brown sugar on baking ingredient lists instead of scrubs, but the fact is that it makes a good addition to scrubs whether they’re seasonal or not. OROGOLD recently touched on the differences between salt and sugar scrubs, and brown sugar offers most of the same benefits as other sugar scrubs. It has rough, rounded grains that make for an effective and easy to use scrub component. The rounded crystals are one of the keys to the benefits of sugar scrubs. This makes them gentle yet still effective enough to be used in scrubs for sensitive skin areas like your face. Normal sugar is lovely, but most bakers will tell you that there’s far more magic to be had when you open a pack of brown sugar. The scent and texture are different from most sugar. This scent carries over into seasonal scrubs that take advantage of that magic. Many times they get themed after cookies, but don’t hesitate to grab a scrub the moment you see it has brown sugar. You’ll smell and feel lovely.

Mint scrub.

Peppermint season starts after Thanksgiving ends and festive scrubs are seldom complete without a dash of mint in them. The interesting thing is that mint is actually a good ingredient in its own right. Mint oil offers natural astringent properties that help combat the skin overproducing its natural oils and leaving the skin otherwise looking greasy. It is also a natural source for salicylic acid, one of the better-known acne fighting acids. What makes mint a still greater ingredient is that it also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe the skin. Mint is, more or less, a natural acne fighting ingredient in addition to smelling heavenly. This probably helps you understand why you might have smelled mint at the edges of some of your products before. Mint isn’t always seasonal, but a great number of products using it do spring up to enjoy the festivities every year. Feel free to make use of them, but especially try the scrubs.

Festive products aren’t always a bad thing for your skin. Yes, they do capitalize on the holiday season, but they can offer tremendous skin benefits given the usefulness of some “seasonal” ingredients. OROGOLD hopes you’ll give some of the festive scrubs you see a try, but be on the look out for the ingredients we’ve mentioned and others like pumpkin and seasonally accented citrus scrubs. The featured ingredients all have ways that they benefit the skin alongside the exfoliation from the scrub.

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