Firm Up These Loose Skin Zones

Firm Up These Loose Skin Zones

Loose skin is a bane of beauty that no one really likes. The unfortunate truth is that we’ll end up dealing with it eventually whether we like it or not. Various things can lead to us having loose skin. The most common reason is substantial weight loss after switching to a healthier lifestyle. Depending on the speed of which the weight was lost, you’ll end up having more or less loose skin on average. Losing weight slowly is typically the best option to minimize issues. Another option is the gradual loss of structure and elasticity to our skin as we age and our bodies lack the materials to keep everything properly repaired. Certain conditions and repetitive damage to an area can also lead to loose skin in some areas. All of them can be a problem at once. Firming up loose skin can do a lot to help you feel more confident in your appearance. You’ve got a lot of options on how to do that too. Nothing will make everything perfectly firm again beyond potential surgery, but getting to a place where you’re happy with your skin should be possible.

Firming The Neck
This tends to be a particularly problematic area for many of us simply because the neck is so visible. That means that any issues on it tend to be highly apparent to anyone around us. It is also a bit difficult to get the neck into an acceptable shape in as many ways. There are options available for you. One of the primary things you can do is to extend your skincare and anti-aging routine downwards to your neck. Remember that your neck is constantly exposed to sunlight too. It has thinner skin just like your face and needs proper care. Excessive sun damage will cause collagen and elastin to fail over time until you’re dealing with sagging skin. A good skincare routine that focuses on providing anti-aging benefits and protects the skin will help a lot when it comes to firming things up again. Remember to regularly exfoliate as well. All of this combined with the boost you can get from facials and massages should help restore the neck.

Firming The Stomach
While we don’t like to think about it much, many of us end up accidentally putting extra weight around our belly. Losing it feels good given it is some of the most stubborn fat to lose, but firming the skin again afterwards can be a frustrating task. There are a few things you can do though. Good hydration tends to be a must in this case. That means making sure you drink largely water while avoiding excessively sugary drinks and alcoholic ones that might dehydrate your skin and make it sag more. Keeping hydrated it this way will also help ensure you stay healthy by any of the extra exercises you choose to do. Remember that the true task in weight loss is keeping it off. Your body needs time to firm skin again after the loss and that means keeping it off for months. Strength training that builds lean muscle mass in the body is a good option here as it will ensure your body burns more energy when you’re resting and thereby cuts back on fat storage in the various areas and give you a smoother belly by giving the skin muscle to rest on.

Woman exercising to firm up thighs

Firming The Thighs
Exercise is also the key to helping tone your inner thighs, but it will take time. You’ll need to make sure that you’re eating an overall healthy diet alongside drinking largely water to help minimize the chances of putting the weight back on. There are a number of exercise options for people working on their thighs though. Jogging and running are particular popular ways to achieve these results as they can end up being relatively low impact while still having positive results. Building the lean muscle in the legs goes a long way towards ensuring your skin has the support it needs to stop being as loose. You can focus on forms of strength and resistance training too. Leg lifts, squats, and other exercises that help to build muscle in the thigh will all help. It doesn’t matter if you turn to yoga or pilates either as long as they help build muscle in the desired area. This will be what gives the necessary support and helps your skin slowly firm back up after sagging.

Loose skin doesn’t have a quick fix outside of surgery and even that won’t necessarily solve everything. As with most things, you have to let your body sort out the issue over time. Taking steps to support it in this goal such as good diet and exercise will go a long way towards increasing the odds of you getting what you want. Try not to forget that even if there are no perfect options you can still reach a look that allows you to feel confident.

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