Five Signs that Your Facial Was a Flop

Five Signs that Your Facial Was a Flop

While you would expect your complexion to be especially radiant after a facial, things do not always go as planned. From heat and burning to bleeding and blotches, these five signs would each suggest that your facial may have been a flop.

Redness, Heat and Burning
Facials come in many different forms, and while some are designed to be relaxing, others are formulated to stimulate the skin, which can lead to some redness afterwards. This is especially true for chemical peels, but any redness will usually subside in a few hours. However, if you are experiencing extreme redness, burning, stinging or soreness, then these are all signs that your facial has irritated your skin, which is now reacting.

Redness and Reactions the Day After
If you would not have classified your redness and soreness as too extreme, then it is likely that you would have given it a night to calm down before reassessing the situation. However, if you are still experiencing redness or any other skin reactions the next day, it is most definitely time to give your aesthetician a call, as they will either offer a follow-up treatment to soothe your skin, or recommend products that will be able to speed up your skin’s recovery process.

Five Signs that Your Facial Was a Flop
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Over-Exfoliation and Over-Aggressive Extractions
Over-exfoliation and over-aggressive extractions are two issues that are actually quite common after a facial. Both of these cause inflammation on the surface of your skin cells, which can then easily become infected. If your facial includes an exfoliation mask and you feel it burning your skin, then it is important to inform the aesthetician straight away. When it comes to extractions, make sure that your aesthetician has spent enough time preparing your skin, not only with steam but also with massages and pore-opening oils. This allows the contents within your pores to be gently lured out, rather than aggressively forced out.

Continuous Bleeding
Slight bleeding during your facial is quite normal, especially during extractions on stubborn clogged pores. However, any bleeding should stop once the facial is done, and, if you are noticing continuous bleeding afterwards, then this is a sign that something is not quite right. This is another issue that your aesthetician needs to be informed of immediately, so that they can guide you on the best ways to care for your skin at home.

Severe Breakouts
Breakouts in the hours following certain types of treatments are common, and signify that all of the impurities that lie within the skin have been pulled out. However, if you are experiencing severe breakouts a few days after your facial, then you need to communicate this with your aesthetician so that they can figure out what caused these issues for you.

It is important to remember that everybody’s skin reacts differently to ingredients, products and techniques, so even if you experience a negative reaction from your facial, this does not necessarily mean that the facial was to blame. By communicating well with your aesthetician, you will both be able to use any reactions to gain a deeper understanding of your skin, meaning that your next facial can be even more tailored to your own skin’s individual needs.

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