Hair Exfoliation

Hair Exfoliation

You’re used to exfoliating your skin most likely. It helps clear away dead skin cells, promotes product penetration, and leaves your skin with a nice, healthy glow. Most people exfoliate routinely as part of their skin care routine for those reasons and others that OROGOLD has spoken of before. The idea of exfoliating your hair might not have occurred to you. It is technically more accurate to say that you probably haven’t considered exfoliating your scalp, but most people initially mistake it for exfoliating hair. The shaft of your hair won’t really benefit from being exfoliated, but your scalp? Your scalp is another part of your skin that can benefit from exfoliation as readily as the rest of your skin.

Cleaning Up
Most people have had a rash or uncomfortable bumps underneath their hair at one point in their lives. Your scalp susceptible to breakouts as readily as the rest of your skin. It may even be more susceptible thanks to the amount of hair on your scalp. Most of the time it is kept in check by regular washing, but it doesn’t stop issues from happening now and then. Exfoliating can help loosen dead skin and other build up that leads to these issues. A good way to get into the habit is to consider how often you wash your hair. Many people operate on an every other day or every two days schedule. Try using an exfoliating product once or twice a week between the times you actually wash your hair. It will help deal with any build up, natural or otherwise, in your hair and give it can contribute to a slightly refreshed look that keeps you looking your best.

Promoting Hair Health
The shaft of your hair, as OROGOLD highlighted, doesn’t directly benefit from exfoliation. Remember that exfoliating the rest of your skin promotes circulation though. The root of each of your hairs is located within your skin. Extra circulation promote the overall health of the skin in the area. This in turn benefits by bolstering your roots. Many people deal with thinning hair as they age and it can be distressing for anyone. This makes learning small techniques like exfoliating your scalp a must. An exfoliating routine will help keep your scalp health and lead to your roots lasting longer. Some have even noted that it could potentially revitalize ailing, but not yet dead roots and promote some hair growth over the long term. Don’t expect miracle results from this action. It is more of a preventive and health boosting aspect to exfoliation than a guarantee, but even a small effect can go a long way to helping maintain your confidence.

Choose the Right Products
A big challenge for hair/scalp exfoliation is picking the right products. The thing you should be most concerned with is making sure that you pick a product that can readily get to your scalp for the most benefit. Another big thing is to look at the ingredients as products each approach exfoliating the scalp differently. Some opt for a chemical route and you’ll want to follow those up with other products like a hydrating conditioner or similar product. Others using a physical exfoliant will require you to give your hair a very thorough rinse afterwards anyway. Try looking for products that incorporate ingredients that will boost your scalp’s health as well for an added bit of love. Your scalp will certainly appreciate it given all that it has to routinely handle.

Exfoliating your “hair” is a useful addition step to your beauty routine. It can extend the time your hair looks, smells, and feels fresh to make scheduled washing a little more bearable. The additional benefits from exfoliating don’t hurt either. OROGOLD encourages you to try hair exfoliation to see if it is right for you. You might just learn you have a new favorite technique to share with friends.

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