How To Prevent Your Makeup From Clogging Your Pores

How To Prevent Your Makeup From Clogging Your Pores

Makeup is a wonderful thing. It lets us touch-up those areas where we feel nature didn’t do the perfect job and helps us highlight our best features. There is no denying it has its place in beauty. It does come with a few drawbacks though. As a layer of material over our skin, it ends up getting drawn into and caught in pores rather readily even when we use a light makeup. That makes learning how to prevent or minimize the problem a key to maintaining good skincare despite wanting to look our best. There are a few key ways that you can work towards this goal. Some of them are simply common sense, but others you might not know. That’s why we’ve put together a quick overview of some of the main ways to help prevent makeup from clogging your pores. These tips will hopefully help you avoid any lasting problems.

Choosing The Right Products
One of the biggest things you can do is simply to look for good quality, non-comedogenic makeup products. These products are ones that have been specifically formulated to minimize the potential for them clogging your pores. Most products like this clearly label themselves thanks to the overall benefit of using them. Foundations are typically available in noncomedogenic forms, but some other forms of makeup may lack that sort of availability. The key is trying to ensure either the majority of your makeup is noncomedogenic or at the very least that the lowest layer is to make it easier to remove the rest of the makeup. How you can make the most of this particular tip depends on the amount and type of makeup you use regularly. Switching to largely non-comedogenic properties won’t entirely eliminate problems, but it should prevent your makeup from contributing to the problem at a meaningful level.

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Rinse and Cleanse
There’s no way to get around the fact that one of the actual best ways to prevent the problem is to actually take the time to rinse and cleanse your face after wearing makeup. Yes, it is an effort sometimes, but thoroughly cleaning your face will do the job. Remember to do it well though to prevent other problems. This means rinsing your face with lukewarm water before moving on to cleansing. The warmth should be enough to help break up any oils on your skin from the makeup and other sources so that they’ll rinse away easier. A good cleaner should include an alpha hydroxy acid such as glycolic acid in it to further clean up afterwards. This will clear out anything that is left and dissolve any remaining problems. We do understand this is sometimes too much effort after any evening out, but we strongly recommend that you at least use makeup remover wipes to clear your skin before you sleep so a minimum amount of makeup has the chance to sink into your pores or get ground in.

Exfoliate Regularly
This one is a bit more general skincare, but it does apply directly to minimizing the potential for makeup clogging your pores. Makeup can do it on its own, but it typically needs extra debris to become a true problem. That’s where dead skin cells and other accumulated things on your skin come into play. Remembering to exfoliate regularly helps to curtail this by minimizing one of the problems. Additionally, it helps to uncover and open up any pores you might miss in your rinsing and cleansing. You end up being able to be far more confident that there aren’t any clogs by exfoliating regularly. Interestingly enough, you’ll also be able to better apply makeup from regularly exfoliation. It provides a smoother canvas to work with during the application part. This also makes it easier to help remove it later as there is less for it to get caught on. Exfoliating may be comparatively indirect, but it is no less a part of preventing makeup from clogging your pores than anything else we’ve discussed.

While makeup can do a lot for us all, it’s propensity for clogging our pores means we need to be wary. Making sure to properly clean our skin after using it is a big part of this. It helps to ensure we don’t accidentally forget and give time for things to settle into our pores. Working against this problem further by using products engineered not to clog your pores will go even further towards solving it. There is no perfect solution, but good care will result in good skin in the long run.

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